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Three fashionable men holding multiple shopping bags on a shopping spree Thumbnail

Top Things Powerball Winners Typically Buy

  • Published 29/05/2018
  • by Shaun Greer

Powerball winners love their super cars!

Stack of dollars in a pile Thumbnail

Where Does Lottery Revenue Really Go?

  • Published 25/05/2018
  • by William Monroe

Think lotteries pocket the money they make from ticket sales? Think again.

Rusted old horseshoe on a wooden table, with a four-leaf clover on top of it to symbolise good luck Thumbnail

The Luckiest Lottery Winners of All Time

  • Published 22/05/2018
  • by Shaun Greer

What makes a lucky lottery winner?

Torso of a suited man conducting an investigation, he holds a magnifying glass in one hand and papers in the other Thumbnail

How Are Lottery Wins Investigated and Verified?

  • Published 18/05/2018
  • by William Monroe

Just exactly what are the lottery operators checking when someone wins big?

Woman covering mouth with hand whispering to a man who has a shocked expression Thumbnail

Best Number-Picking Tips from Previous Winners

  • Published 15/05/2018
  • by Shaun Greer

Tips and tricks for your next ticket.

Young lady with a handful of dollar notes and other hand clenched in celebration Thumbnail

How Do Lotteries' Guaranteed Prizes Work?

  • Published 11/05/2018
  • by William Monroe

How certain lottery games can guarantee a big winner each draw.

Hooded figure on a computer system hacking Thumbnail

Four Lottery Scams You Should Know About

  • Published 08/05/2018
  • by Shaun Greer

Don’t fall victim to a lottery scam in 2018.

Young woman holding up winning bingo card to the camera and smiling Thumbnail

Is Bingo a Lottery?

  • Published 04/05/2018
  • by William Monroe

Do bingo games and lottery games have much in common?

Seven neatly wrapped presents laid on a table Thumbnail

Why You Shouldn’t Get Lottery Tickets as Gifts

  • Published 01/05/2018
  • by Shaun Greer

Cross those lottery tickets off this year’s gift list.

Three women sat on a couch holding cell phones, all are looking at the middle woman's phone and smiling and celebrating Thumbnail

Can You Share Your Lottery Win?

  • Published 27/04/2018
  • by William Monroe

How and when you might have to share your jackpot prize with others.

Silhouettes of a group of students throwing their mortarboards in the air to signify graduating Thumbnail

Could a Powerball Jackpot Help You Pay Off Your Student Debt?

  • Published 24/04/2018
  • by Shaun Greer

A lottery win could clear your debt and set you up for life.

With fingertips pressed together, a patient talks to a therapist, who holds a clipboard Thumbnail

How to Prevent Lottery Overindulgence

  • Published 20/04/2018
  • by William Monroe

Recognize and address lottery overindulgence before it becomes a problem.

Skiing male jumping over snow down a mountain Thumbnail

Hobby Swap: Changing Pastimes to Fit Your Bank Account

  • Published 17/04/2018
  • by Shaun Greer

Hobbies are much more enjoyable when you win the lottery.

Two paths in forest going different ways, suggesting a choice needing to be made Thumbnail

How Different People Choose Their Lottery Numbers

  • Published 13/04/2018
  • by William Monroe

From number systems to momentary whims, there are plenty of ways to choose your lucky numbers.

Woman's hands opening a wallet filled with dollar bills, background is wood painted blue Thumbnail

What Kind of Spender Are You?

  • Published 10/04/2018
  • by Shaun Greer

Hey, big spender – how would you approach a lottery win?

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