If You Win the Lottery, Buy Weird Stuff

The weird and expensive stuff you can buy with your lottery win
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If You Win the Lottery Buy Weird Stuff
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    William Monroe
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Not everybody who wins the lottery uses their good fortune, or their good senses, to pay off bills, clear up debts, and live a bit better of a lifestyle. Some winners seem to go a little bit crazy and buy the weirdest stuff imaginable. Why they would do this is unclear, but the fact that some do is a real head-scratcher. And just what kind of weird stuff do lottery winners buy, anyway?

Some strange things people have spent lottery winnings on

Well, for instance, instead of just using a plain old ordinary ceramic toilet to do your daily business, why not fork out some of those winnings and get yourself a solid gold toilet instead? With this handy little expensive status symbol, who could fault you for wanting to tinkle and poop in a toilet made for a king or queen? Or a lottery winner for that matter? In addition, of course, don’t forget to add a solid gold bidet, sink, and tub as well. Might as well make bathroom time money time.

If you aren’t afraid of a little pain and suffering, you could always go under the knife and alter your face into something, well, not so ordinary. You could give yourself horns and a forked tongue; have your teeth filed down into points, or just into a set of fangs. Turn your skin into scales. Or, go for the skinless face tattoo “showing” all your muscles and bones, or just get your entire head tattooed into a skull. Fun times for everyone, including the kiddies at the park.

They make the freakiest contact lenses now, and that means you could scare the jeepers not only out of little kids, but also old people and the biker gang down the street!. Who wouldn’t want to dish out big bucks for eyes that look like a cat? You could also really frighten the grocery store clerk with totally blacked-out lenses. You see them but they only see the dark inside of your soul in your eyes. Or pure white for the absence of any soul. Snake and dragon eyes would be cool. What about dead-looking zombie eyes? Very scary! Start your own apocalypse.

Now, you could also go the other way and get diamond-encrusted contact lenses. Not scary at all but definitely says, “I won the lottery and I blew some money on these super-expensive contacts just to flash my pretty eyes and make you feel jealous!”

If you aren’t that much of a people person, you could always buy yourself a private island in cottage country. Imagine living in a big cottage on a big island you can only get to by boat or chartered helicopter. No neighbours to contend with, nobody driving by your place and using your driveway to turn around. Just you and nature all by yourself. Make sure you pack a lot of food because in your island neighbourhood, there are no grocery stores.

And if you really want to show off your money-blowing skills, why not plunk down a whole pocket-o-change for a full size replica tyrannosaurus rex skeleton that you can put in your backyard to keep the neighbourhood cats away? Add some scaley skin, teeth, and other such realism to make it resemble the t-rex reptile we all have seen pictures of and feared in that movie. But, for even more fun, and modern realism, you can give the local meows mental trauma but adding feathers to your t-rex skeleton and outfitting it to look like a huge scary bird, which scientists think dinosaurs actually were anyway.

An alternative idea

Of course we are not advocating you do this really with your winnings. It just shows you how silly some lottery winners can be with their new-found fortunes. For you, put your money to good use, get out of debt, and if you really want to buy something outrageous with it, purchase a huge warehouse, fill it full of food, and donate it all to your local food bank.

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