The Humour in Lotteries

The way the lottery creeps into every day jokes
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The Humour in Lotteries
The Humour in Lotteries
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    William Monroe
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Lottery Jokes

There have been a lot of lottery cartoons and jokes made about playing, winning, and not winning the lottery. Most are a bit crude, some are demeaning, and a few are not in good taste. However, some of these actually are are funny and do reflect modern attitudes and concepts. For instance:

“What’s the difference between a man buying a lottery ticket and a man arguing with his wife? The man buying the lottery ticket actually has a chance to win!”

“Greeting Card: My early condolences for not winning the lottery later tonight.”

“What do you call an elf who won the lottery? Welfy!”

“Post one little joke saying you won the lottery, and Facebook finds you 1,347 new possible relatives.”

As you can see, the jokes are extremely varied and reference many different aspects of the lottery. Some are on the level of “kid like,” while others make jokes on the probability of winning.

Practical Jokes

Then of course, you have the fake lottery scratch tickets. Just give one to a relative or friend and watch the hilarious response as they discover that they’ve won the jackpot! Then watch as they beat the life out of you for giving them a fake lottery ticket. These “joke” tickets can be funny if the recipient has a good sense of humour. They will get the joke and laugh along with everyone else. However, many times these fake tickets truly backfire and can cause the person who thought they won an instant turn of emotion when they find out it’s all a joke. Some people are struggling with money and other issues in which even a $100 win can help them out in ways you don’t know. Discovering a jackpot win, which that person knows will change their life for the better, but in reality is really just a joke, can not only ruin a friendship or family relationship, but may be so crushing to their fragile mental state that the person may lapse into a dangerous mental depression and breakdown, or might do harm to themselves. Fake lottery tickets are not really that funny and really should not be used as a practical joke on anyone as you never know what their reaction will be.

And of course there are funny lottery stories as well. On a particular draw, 110 people were able to match 5 lottery numbers and won various prizes of up to $500,000. However, historical results have shown that this level of win is usually won only by a couple of people. Lottery and operators were shocked to see the results with that high number of winners. Ivestigations began and although lottery fraud was initially suspected, after further investigation it was discovered that every winner had legitimately won on the draw. What happened? The 110 winners had each opened a fortune cookie that contained the same list of lucky numbers, and decided to play them.

So as you can see, the lottery is not only fun and exciting to play, but can be funny and hilarious at times as well. Enjoy the lottery jokes and cartoons you see or hear, avoid the fake lottery tickets, and have a good chuckle at the winner of the jackpot who forgot where he stashed his winning ticket and after a well-publicized search for it, discovered at the last minute it was in his wallet in plain sight all along.

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