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Group of adults celebrating Christmas with festive hats and signs Thumbnail

Why More People Play the Lottery Around Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • Published 12/12/2017
  • by Shaun Greer

A season of hope, giving, and dreams - why we buy more lottery tickets during the holidays.

Calm man meditating with legs crossed as he looks over vast mountains Thumbnail

Winning a Lottery Jackpot: Keep Calm and Don't Panic

  • Published 08/12/2017
  • by William Monroe

Learn how to manage the anxious feelings that can sometimes accompany a big lottery win.

Couple looking in a store window in a shopping mall Thumbnail

An Eye-Opening Buy List of $1 Million vs. $10 Million

  • Published 05/12/2017
  • by Shaun Greer

The sky really is the limit when you have a lottery windfall.

Parents and teenaged children sitting at the table having a discussion Thumbnail

Winning a Lottery Jackpot: The Family Meeting

  • Published 01/12/2017
  • by William Monroe

Approaching the conversation with your family following a large lottery win.

Small wooden blocks displaying the word Chance is changing to Change Thumbnail

Everything You Need to Know About the New Mega Millions Changes

  • Published 28/11/2017
  • by Shaun Greer

As of October 2017, a Mega Millions ticket costs $2.

Different people with question marks on their foreheads Thumbnail

What to Do When You Win Powerball

  • Published 24/11/2017
  • by William Monroe

There are right ways and wrong ways to go about claiming and spending a Powerball jackpot.

Picture of multiple Powerball tickets for New York State Thumbnail

How to Play and Win Powerball in Canada

  • Published 21/11/2017
  • by Shaun Greer

Now Canadians can play and win the US Powerball without leaving their living room.

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