How to Get the Most Out of Your Lottery Play

How to maximize the fun of the lottery
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Lottery Play
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    William Monroe
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When you buy your lottery ticket, you are not just buying a chance at winning some money, but you are also buying yourself some excitement and entertainment as well. And although our lottery play can be rather routine and predictable, there are ways of shaking it up a little bit.

A good attitude

Always play with the attitude of having a great entertainment experience, not on the money itself.

Although we all want to win the jackpot when we play the lottery, playing should be done as an entertainment venture only and not as a hope of winning millions.

This will keep the lottery fun to play, rather than thinking of it as another draw that you won’t win.

Be realistic about your financial situation

Use good self-control and play within your financial comfort zone. Don’t overspend on the lottery. You only need one ticket to win. Create a lottery budget for yourself and stick to it. This also keeps the lottery fun to play.

By sticking to this budget, you will never spend more than you intend to and will always have money for the more important things in your life.

You can also create a reserve budget that can be used to purchase extra tickets for bonus draws or rare high amount prizes. Just remember to keep within the budget.

Group play

Play with friends and family. Do some group play to purchase multiple tickets to (very slightly) increase your chances and share in the winnings if one of the tickets is a lucky one.

Why not make a game out of it? Have everyone pick their favourite number combinations and use those to buy the tickets. Compare the winning numbers to everyone’s combination. The person who matches the most numbers (or least numbers) has to buy coffee or tea for the group.

A little variety

Play a lottery you normally don’t.

If you are a stickler for a 6 or 7/49 type game, try playing one that may be a 5 and bonus number type game, or other type of lottery combination. Play a themed or sports-based lottery.

Some jurisdictions provide the opportunity to purchase a play right at the retailer in which the draw is done right on the terminal screen so you can see if you instantly win or not.

Playing outside your comfort zone will shake things up and break up your routine.

Change your gambling pattern to shake it up. Be super crazy and go play bingo or go to a casino instead.

Gambling just doesn’t always have to be about the big lottery jackpot. Going to bingo or playing a slot machine can be just as fun even if the prizes may not be as huge.

These types of gambling activities kill some time and can be even more exciting to play, depending on the venue and your attitude towards them.

And for the ultimate changeup, why not reverse play the lottery? Go nuts and pick numbers you think won’t come up in the draw.

Yes, this goes against absolutely every piece of advice you can find about lotteries. But this is the reason why you should try it. Since every number has the same chance of being pulled, what numbers you pick are totally irrelevant!

So do something wild and crazy change up your lottery play. You never know if what you do will get you any wins, but having fun and getting excited about the lottery is more than just about the money. It’s about the thrill of just letting chance flirt with you in different ways.

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