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    Shaun Greer
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As there are with any game, Powerball players have to abide by the rules, including these about qualifying players and who can play.

Powerball is so popular among those who play for a number of reasons. With so many drawings each week, there's always an opportunity to play and win. And Powerball is affordable and convenient, with participating retailers all over the country who sell Powerball tickets. But one of the most attractive aspects of playing Powerball is that it’s a game anyone can play, and anyone can win. Well, almost anyone. There are some rules and guidelines in place defining who is elected to play. And while it’s affordable for nearly everyone, convenient for nearly everyone, and available to nearly everyone, these are the Powerball rules about who can play and who can’t.

Age Restrictions Do Apply

Age restrictions do apply when it comes to eligibility for playing Powerball. In most states, players must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a ticket or play. However, each participating Powerball state does have its own rules. For example, in Nebraska, the minimum age requirement for any kind of lottery play is 19. But if the participant is buying as part of a charity lottery game or raffle, they can be 18.

Regional and State Restrictions

There are other restrictions to consider in different states and regions, too. There are 45 states that currently authorize Powerball play. The remaining five states that don’t offer Powerball or other multi-state lottery programs include Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Alabaman, and Hawaii.

But again, check in your state for even more rules and distinctions. Even if your state allows Powerball play, there are still guidelines to follow. Arizona, as an example, says it’s a misdemeanor crime to sell any lottery ticket to any person under 18. It’s entirely legal, however, to give a minor a Powerball or lottery ticket as a gift. And while Nevada doesn’t participate in Powerball or other multi-state lottery games, it does allow certain drawing-based raffles and play if they’re benefiting a specific charity.

Other Ineligible Participant Rules

While most everyone can play Powerball within participating states and required age ranges, there are some folks who are ineligible to play altogether. The MUSL (multi-state lottery association) dictates that any employees of the MUSL organization are ineligible to play Powerball or claim any prizes. Their immediate family members are also ineligible to play or win. Anyone violating these terms, and winning any Powerball prize, will be forced to forfeit the money.

Non-Citizen and Non-US Restrictions

What about citizenship requirements or US-based Powerball playing? Powerball players can essentially be from anywhere, so long as they purchase their Powerball tickets from legally participating states or regions. Players do NOT have to be a US citizen nor a US resident to play or win. As long as players conform to the age and regional requirements for gameplay, they’re entirely eligible to play.

If you’re unsure of the Powerball playing rules in your state or neck of the woods, you can always visit the Powerball website to learn more. Your state will have terms and conditions available to review, and any participating Powerball retailers you visit can be helpful with answering your questions, too. Remember, too, your jurisdictional taxes may vary should you win.

Powerball continues to be a favorite game for a host of reasons, including affordability, convenience, and chances to win. And because the odds reset with each drawing, the playing field is always level for any player, regardless of how they choose to select their numbers. Just know the rules governing eligibility before you play. And verify that you are, in fact, eligible before taking a chance on winning. Once you're confident you're eligible, all you have to do is get out there and play!

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