4 Myths About Playing Powerball, Debunked

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    Shaun Greer
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When it comes to playing Powerball, there are a host of myths, and rumors out there that require debunking. Play smart and don’t subscribe to these Powerball myths.

It’s not uncommon for superstition to creep into Powerball drawings. Individual players subscribe to a whole list of good luck methods and karma creativity when choosing their numbers. And while the game itself is rooted in sheer randomness and chance, it’s pretty harmless to believe what you choose when it comes to selecting numbers and crossing your fingers.

However, there are some industry myths out there worth debunking. Powerball players should fully understand the clean slate with which they play, regardless of superstition. Today, we’ll share a few of the most common myths about playing and winning Powerball. Distinguishing Powerball fact from fiction will allow you to play confidently every time.

1. It’s more likely you’ll be struck by lightning.

You’ve no doubt heard this myth before. And on the surface, it might seem logical. The National Weather Service officially says the odds of being struck by lightning once in your entire lifetime is one in 15,300. Powerball jackpot odds are one in 292 million. But this myth has officially been debunked.

With so many Powerball drawings in play, along with the host of ways to win any prize, the odds require adjusting. Back in 1995, when this theory was debunked, one in 1,136 people were winning $1 million or more across North American games. That year, 91 people were killed by lightning. So, the bottom line here is that you have a greater chance of winning a Powerball prize than you do getting struck by lightning.

2. If you keep playing the same numbers, they’ll eventually be drawn.

You are free to select whichever numbers you like when playing Powerball. However, some people vehemently believe that they’re increasing their chances of winning if they play the same digits every game. While those numbers might have significant meaning to you, they won’t actually improve or hurt your chances of winning.

Because Powerball drawings are unique to each game and not at all reliant on previous numbers selected or subject to patterns, the game offers a clean slate of odds every time. Your chances are no greater than anyone else’s whether you pick sequential numbers, anniversary and birthday dates, or have the retailer’s machine choose for you. And that is part of why Powerball is so fun to play. Every game is an even playing field for everyone.

3. Math-driven hot numbers provide players with an edge.

Again, there’s no such thing as an advantage when it comes to choosing Powerball numbers. Even if you have the algorithms or math-driven theories in mind, it’s theoretical math that will prove those ideas wrong. Probability Theory suggests that every number alone has an equal chance of being selected as any other number. This “law of large” numbers extends into infinity, meaning no formula or past-based statistics can change the odds of any future drawings.

4. If a store sells a winning ticket, it won’t sell another one.

If you’re at the casino and you see a slot machine hit it big, you’ll also notice that after that payout, most players steer clear of the machine. It’s a belief that now that it’s paid out, it won’t be due for another payout again for a while. And we can’t speak to the probability of slot machines, but this same ideology sometimes comes up with Powerball.

Some players see that a local gas station or grocery store sold a winning Powerball ticket and assume that the “luck has run out” on that location. In more extreme instances, players refuse to buy from that previously winning establishment ever again. But you don’t have to avoid your local Powerball retailer because their odds of selling you a winning ticket reset with each drawing, just as your odds of winning reset.

What are some of the myths you’ve heard about playing Powerball? Hopefully, these debunked myths make you feel more confident about how and when you play. Now get out there and get your ticket!

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