Powerball and the Supernatural: What Some Winners Believe

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    Shaun Greer
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Despite the odds never changing, some Powerball players believe in myths and the supernatural when they play.

There isn't a crystal ball or magic wand to help Powerball players select their ticket numbers. But for many, there are other forces at work when it comes time to play. Superstitions have long been a factor for thousands who hope to become Powerball winners. Today, we’ll examine some of those beliefs and how they inspire people to choose numbers and determine when they play. While some are more devoted to their supernatural beliefs than others, a lot goes into how Powerball players officially select their numbers.

Playing According to the Stars

It’s not uncommon for people to keep up with their daily predictions and horoscopes, as shared by those who follow astrology. This study of the stars and planets, along with seasonal alignments and orbits, plays a role in gravity, emotional connection to Earth, and future predictions. Reading your daily horoscope in the local paper may not carry all that much weight with how you plan your day. But there are many who firmly subscribe to the suggestions. And many horoscopes are accompanied by a list of “lucky numbers” that are said to have significant meaning at the time. From fortune cookies to online charts, those numbers are must-play selections for those who also enjoy Powerball.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology

There are many who subscribe to the belief of numerology or the method in which numbers play a role in their lives. There are charts and definitions of various equations and certain digits. And some numbers are believed to be more “powerful” or significant than others. Based on a person’s specific numbers, like the day of birth, time of birth, and other important digits, numerology is rumored to help them identify what numbers are luckiest to them. For those who are firm believers, these insights help guide them in selecting their Powerball picks for the day, too.

Streaks of Luck Players

Have you ever had a random instance of good fortune? When you tell others of your lucky moment, they sometimes will tell you to run out and buy a Powerball ticket. This advice is rooted in the belief in lucky streaks. It’s an idea that both good and bad fortune will come in a series of events. For some players, when something good happens in their lives, it’s a “sign” that more good things are in the works. And in keeping with that belief in luck, they’ll head to their local Powerball retailers and buy a few tickets, hopeful their good fortune continues in the form of a jackpot win.

Dreaming of a Big Win

Some Powerball players will select dates of play and choose their numbers based on dreams they’ve had. Whether inspiration arrives during those deep slumbers overnight or during random daydreams throughout the day, those who have vivid thoughts of numbers and dates believe they’re receiving divine insights. There have been Powerball winners who claim to have had a “feeling” or a specific thought process that led them to focus on certain numbers. And that’s more than enough to warrant a Powerball ticket purchase.

Believe it or not, there are Powerball winners who claim to have followed these supernatural beliefs in choosing those winning numbers. From horoscopes and fortune cookies to star charts and vivid dreams, there is no shortage of superstition affecting how people play. And that may be part of what makes Powerball so fun. But remember, the odds are the same for everyone for each game, and no real correlation can be made between predictions and actually drawn numbers. With that said, you can play Powerball however you like, meaning whatever inspires your selection of digits, you’re free to pick whatever numbers you want.

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