Signs that you Should Buy a Lottery Ticket

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Signs that you Should Buy a Lottery Ticket
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    William Monroe
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Can fate play a part in buying tickets?

Most of the time when we buy our lottery tickets we do so either on a whim or as part of a planned purchase. At other times, we might take notice of a “sign” or “omen” that sort of “signals” to us that now is the time to get a lottery ticket as a win is certainly going to come on the next draw. You should always heed signs and omens as they are either answers to your questions or the universe being generous and providing some indication of luck through an event.

Lucky Omens

So what exactly are signs and omens? Signs appear in the moments when we are facing difficult decisions. You know you need some type of guidance, and the answer will present itself to you when you are open and receptive to it. For example, you find yourself in a situation and you ask your higher power that if they help you out, you will be a better person or will make up with your sister after a vicious fight. All you need is a sign that the higher power has heard you and everything will be OK.

Some examples of lucky signs that would indicate you should buy a ticket are:

  • Finding a coin or four leaf clover. These typical lucky symbols are signs that would be answer to your problem and would indicate that you should by lottery ticket.
  • If you ask for a sign and then you suddenly see the number seven all over the place as you go about your day. Seven is considered the lucky number of all time. If you suddenly start to notice sevens on the street on billboards and such, in stores in prices or posters, or while reading a newspaper or magazine, you really should not ignore this sign. Go get a ticket or two.
  • When You See A Shooting Star. This is a very typical lucky sign to your quest. Your higher power is literally letting you know all will be good and you should get your tickets now. And if you see a shooting star during the daytime, that is extra special and extra lucky in your favour.
  • When a butterfly or bird lands on you. When we ask for a sign, sometimes it’s not our higher power that answers. The sign might be from a long departed loved one who is visiting and giving you that sign. So if they land on you in the form of a butterfly or bird, you need to get your lottery tickets right away to not only the sign that is being delivered to you but also to honour the person who took a bird or butterfly form.

Omens happen spontaneously in our lives. They occur without any prior request by us for guidance. Omens are rare and of high significance, and stand out because of their outlandish or bizarre nature. They are always mysterious or shocking and make us take sudden notice of the omen’s nature.

Some example of lucky omens:

  • The proverbial bird poops on your shoulder. How the heck can a bird hundreds of feet in the air poop and have it land on such a small spot The odds are highly against it, but sometimes it happens. This is a prime lucky omen and you should never ignore it if it happens. Clean up the poop and go buy a lottery ticket.
  • You escape a potential fatal accident totally unharmed such as car crash or the proverbial piano that falls from a building. Escaping unscathed from such an incident is considered to be an omen of great luck and one that actually demands that lottery ticket be purchased immediately.
  • A white cat crosses your path. Yes, a black cat is a bad omen for sure, but a white cat is really a good omen. If a white kitty crosses your path at any time, buy a lottery ticket or two.

It is good karma to always do something that will bring you immense joy when you see a lucky sign or omen. You can patch up things with your family, get over a traumatic experience, or buy a lottery ticket. Someone or something is trying to tell you that at that moment you have luck running all through you. Buying a lottery ticket is acknowledging the sign or omen and repeang the rewards of noticing something different.

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