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    Shaun Greer
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There are several Powerball playing strategies that people swear by when it comes time to pick those lucky numbers.

Ok, before we jump in to explore some of the various Powerball playing strategies, we have to remind players that there is no magic wand to winning. However, if you were to ask fellow Powerball players about their strategies for winning it big, they would likely swear by the authenticity and validity of their methods. Today, we’ll share some of the most popular Powerball strategies out there. And who knows, you might be compelled to adopt a few for yourself as you play to win the jackpot.

Sentimental Dates Are Everyone’s Favorite

There isn’t a Powerball player out there who hasn’t at one time or another picked a number associated with a sentimental date. A child’s birthday or special anniversary always comes to mind when someone is faced with choosing a series of numbers. It tends to work nicely since the number ranges vaguely coincide with the available roster of digits to select with each Powerball game.

Which Is Better, Evenor Odd?

Just browsing the social media threads, it’s easy to see just how split Powerball players are about choosing odds versus even numbers. When playing, you’ll have your choice of five numbers out of 69 white balls and one selection from one to 26 for the red Powerball. There is no way to predict which sets of numbers are more likely to be winners, although past games indicate even numbers have been more prevalent. For some players, this may mean the odd numbers are overdue for winning, while others swear by even numbers’ winning streak. It’s extremely rare that the entire roster of winning numbers is even or odd. And some suggest it’s best to have a healthy mix of both in Powerball selections.

Astrology Enthusiasts

There are millions of Americans who routinely subscribe to their daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. Most of those lifestyle predictions often include a selection of lucky numbers. For the astrology enthusiasts who play Powerball, it’s about relying on those numbers to help them win big. And while there is some indication that there is science behind astrology signs, there is no concrete evidence that suggests those lucky numbers will provide any sort of edge during gameplay.

Numerology Faith

Numerology drives many Powerball players with its mystical predictions of significant numbers and universal connection. People believe that numbers aren’t random, and some have divine meaning based on life experiences and auras. It’s these predictions that often guide numerology followers to select specific digits when playing Powerball. In many circles, the number seven is the luckiest and most significant number of all, with corresponding significance as the number of days in a week and colors in the rainbow.

Playing in Bulk

Some individuals increase their odds of winning by playing more than one game at a time. And in reality, the more you play, the better your chances are of hitting the jackpot. Instead of putting all their Powerball eggs in one basket, some players insist on buying two or more tickets at a time.

Waiting onthe Right Jackpot Amount

It’s not that a few million dollars isn’t an impressive jackpot. For some players, it’s the math behind waiting until the jackpot rolls over to a specific amount that drives how they play. The odds of winning Powerball are one in 262 million. Because of those stats, some suggest waiting until the jackpot reaches $613 million for “positive-expectation” play. Based on this strategy, you can earn more than one-dollar payouts for each dollar spent. In other words, a two-dollar ticket might yield a $2.30 average should you hit the jackpot.

Talk to friends and family, and you’ll likely learn about some of the other more popular strategies for playing Powerball. There is no steadfast guarantee that any of these strategies actually work. But one thing is guaranteed. You can’t win if you don’t play.

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