A Last-Minute Quick Pick Made an Iowa Woman a Powerball Millionaire

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    Shaun Greer
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In this Powerball winner story, an Iowa woman got lucky with her Quick Pick and became a Powerball millionaire.

Whether you believe in fate or not, those who become Powerball winners will often share just how last-minute or chance-driven their ticket purchases were. And it can be an inspiration to other Powerball players who want to justify a quick ticket purchase when gassing up or hitting the grocery store. In this latest Powerball winner story, one such chance occurrence took place in Iowa. A woman at the last minute decided to grab a Quick Pick Powerball ticket. And that last-second decision made her a millionaire.

The Very Last-Minute Decision to Play

Megan Balmer, a home healthcare nurse, and her boyfriend made a pit stop at their local Casey’s General Store in Toledo, Iowa, last July. It was late and about an hour before the cutoff for that day’s Powerball drawing. In a last-minute decision, Balmer bought a Quick Pick Powerball ticket. Roughly an hour later, the couple were back at home and wanted to check the easy-pick drawing results.

A Race to the Local Casey’s General Store

Balmer told reporters that as she analyzed the multiple plays on her ticket that night, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She hopped online to verify the drawing numbers on the official Powerball website. Then she checked the online app and still couldn’t quite comprehend - her numbers matched! She wanted to get to an authorized retailer to have her ticket scanned and checked officially. But the nearby Casey’s General Store would close soon, so it was a race to get to the counter. She made it in time, and the clerk verified that Balmer did, in fact, manage to match the first five numbers (white balls), which made her a $1 million dollar winner. But she’d also added the Power Play® feature, doubling her prize to $2 million. She shared that there was quite the scene that night in that Casey's store. She was jumping and crying with excitement, never believing that something this big would happen to them, and based on a chance, last-minute Powerball ticket purchase.

Claiming the Big Prize

They didn’t wait long to claim their prize. Balmer and her family reported to the official lottery headquarters in Clive, Iowa, the next day. As she posed with her oversized check for a photo, she shared that her sons were on their way to the local fair with their livestock entries for the show. Her oldest was preparing to show a heifer while her youngest son was showing a chicken for his first fair showing. And once the local fair exhibitions were over, she’d be ready to make some big decisions about her big $2 million dollar Powerball prize.

How the Family Plans to Use Their Powerball Prize

Balmer has big plans for the newfound wealth. She told reporters the plan would first involve taking care of some of the bigger bills. Paying off the family’s mortgage, paying off her student loans from nursing school, and paying off her credit card debt would be the first order of business. She was also excited about being able to save for retirement and her kids’ college education.

Megan Balmer's last-minute decision to purchase a Quick Pick Powerball ticket with the additional Power Play® option proved to be a lucky decision. She walked away as a millionaire, securing her financial future. Even the Casey's General Store got in on the good fortune with a $2,100 bonus for having sold the winning ticket. And this is just another Powerball winner story that proves planning ahead or making an impulse ticket purchase doesn't matter. Last-minute playing can be just as rewarding, whether you believe in fate and chance or not.

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