Can You 'Manifest' Your Own Powerball Winning Story?

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    Shaun Greer
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Of all the tips and tricks for playing Powerball, is it possible to manifest your own Powerball winner story worthy of taking home the jackpot?

Sure, everyone hopes they become a Powerball jackpot winner. It’s why so many people play every week. And some Powerball players subscribe to some pretty outlandish routines and game-playing rituals in the hopes of turning the number-drawing favor in their direction. But fuzzy-headed trolls and lucky rabbits’ feet aside, there’s another belief out there among Powerball players that involves mindset and willing a Powerball win. While you might not believe you can manifest a Powerball jackpot into reality, others do. The question is - does it really work?

Understanding the Law of Attraction

You may already be familiar with The Law of Attraction, or the concept that defines how people can mentally pull what they desire in life into their lives. Using mindset and willful thoughts, it is said that people can attract, create, and allow certain scenarios into their lives. And this belief in manifesting outcomes is especially profound among Powerball players.

You might be skeptical about being able to “will” a Powerball jackpot into your life. But the concept itself does tend to inspire believers, especially with the idea that people can attract positive or negative interactions with their own behaviors and thoughts. So, it’s possible to be open about how you interpret The Law of Attraction.

Can You Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest a Big Win?

Looking back at some of the more high-profile Powerball winner stories over the years, there are some who subscribe to The Law of Attraction. And a couple of them are pretty vocal about their belief in their abilities to manifest their millions. Following this to-do list of positive affirmations, some past Powerball winners say they mentally willed their windfalls:

  • Clarify your intentions - Get honest and positive about what you want in your life.
  • Eliminate any limiting beliefs - Stop negative internal dialogue and remove those limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Release the outcomes - Allow the outcomes to actually manifest in your life.

Some Past Powerball Winners Who Believed They Could, and They Did

Pearlie Mae Smith, along with her seven kids, won a massive $429.6 million Powerball jackpot in New Jersey. Smith believed she was able to manifest her big win. And upon winning, she has since continued to invest in her community, helping others and working through her church. Her good fortune using The Law of Attraction, to her, meant giving back and sharing the wealth.

Neal Wanless is another Powerball winner who believes his abundance and $232.1 million jackpot came because of his harnessing of The Law of Attraction. For starters, he selected his Powerball numbers and purchased his winning ticket in a town called “Winning.” And he firmly subscribes to the notion that he manifested his financial windfall.

And there have been other jackpot and lottery winners around the country who all stand by their beliefs that manifestation brought their fortunes. Cynthia Stafford was a winner in 2008, taking possession of a $112 million prize in California. Melody Harris took home over $700,000 in Georgia after spending years mentally manifesting her big win. And Shane Missler was only 20 when his positive mindset brought him a sizable cash prize.

Science does suggest that positive mindsets do have positive effects on a person’s life, perspective, and experiences. And for some who wholeheartedly believe in The Law of Attraction, these positive and willful thoughts translated into big Powerball prizes. Whether you subscribe to the idea that manifesting your Powerball win is possible, you can at least agree that positive thinking can result in positive outcomes. So, when you play Powerball, it might not hurt to intentionally imagine yourself winning.

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