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What’s Better to Play, Draws or Scratchers
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    William Monroe
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Lottery games come in many forms, but which ones are best

There are two types of tickets that sold to play lottery games. The first are lottery draw tickets. These are tickets that are printed at a retailer at the time of sale. When numbers are pulled in the draw game, the ticket holder must match a certain amount of numbers on their ticket to win a prize. The second type of ticket is the scratcher, or scratch tickets. Here, Ticket cards are pre-printed with rows of numbers, pictures, letters, and other things, with a limited number of cards holding winning combinations. The idea is to scratch off the covering over each section of the ticket to see if you uncover a winning combination such as three cherries, three kids on swings, three words in a crossword game, two lines on a bingo game, and many other various types.

Draw games or scratch offs?

So what is the difference between the two? There are many differences and similarities between the two, however each type of lottery has it own way of being played and rewarding prizes. For instance, to play both games you have to buy a ticket. One is a ticket that you have to scratch off a covering and the other you have to wait for a draw. Both have specific odds for winning any prize and each prize. Scratch tickets can be played immediately but draw tickets are only checkable on the draw date and time.

Now scratch tickets due tend to have better odds. There are only a certain number of tickets available per game cycle. Once all the prizes have been won, that set of tickets is withdrawn and another full set of tickets is issued for play. There are more non-winning tickets in the set than winning tickets, and there are, on average, only four tickets containing the top award or jackpot among the ten of thousands that are printed in advance of being shipped to the lottery operator. Draw tickets are only printed when purchased and the odds are calculated by the number of matches to the drawn numbers, not on the number of tickets printed. The prizes available on draw tickets can be much higher than on scratch tickets.

Scratch tickets can be played anywhere, anytime. There is no need to wait for a draw to take place to find out if you have won a prize You can play scratch tickets as frenzily fast or exceedingly slow as you wish, so scratch tickets take effort to play and provide a more exciting and anticipatory gaming experience.

As to which type of lottery is better to play, that really depends on the player. If you like to spend some time scratching the boxes on a ticket, taking your time as each box reveals a symbol or money amount, seeing if you match previously scratched boxes, then scratch tickets are your way to go. The game themes are more diverse, the excitement and anticipation is drawn out longer, and the odds of winning a prize might be more in your favour. If you are a person who wants to win millions of dollars, not just thousands of dollars, don’t mind the lesser odds, and actually prefer the opportunity to pick your own numbers, the draw games are perfect.

Whichever type of lottery you prefer, the end result you are looking for is to win the jackpot or top award. Whether you scratch off a winning combination or match numbers that have been pulled in a draw, the fact that you have won is great feeling.

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