What is the Best Way to Select your Lottery Numbers

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What is the Best Way to Select your Lottery Numbers
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    William Monroe
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Do you have a specific method to choosing your lottery numbers?

To some people, selecting lottery numbers is either a casual task or a full-out stressful and tedious chore. And there are more ways to select lottery numbers than you can imagine. So is there really a best way to select your lottery numbers? No, not really. Picking lottery numbers is quite a personal experience, and here are some methods that you can use to find the combination that wins you the millions.

Number choosing methods

• The Birthday Method – This is the most common way a lot of players pick their lottery numbers. All you do is collect up all the birthdays of family members, month, day, and year, and put those numbers together that reach out to you and tell you that these are the numbers that are going to win. For instance, if your birthday is January 3, 1982, and your spouse’s birthday is October 23, 1985, you could use the numbers 1 (for January,) 3, 10 (for October,) 23, 19, and 8. Whatever combination of single or multiple numbers from the birthdays you want to use, could be your lucky ones.

• The Pull the Numbers Method – The most simple method to pick your numbers. You simply put pieces of paper with each of the numbers for the draw (for instance for a 6/49 game you would need 49 pieces of paper, the first one with 1 written on it and the last one with 49 on it) into a bowl and mix them up really good. Then you or all family members can pull out a total of 7 pieces of paper which would be the combination of the ticket you select.

• The Dream Method – If you dream numbers then this method is for you. Before you go to bed place a pen and notepad on your nightstand. Every time you stir or get up and you remember numbers that occurred during your dreams, write them down as soon as you can before you forget them. Many players swear by dream numbers to help them win on the lottery.

• The Observation Method – When you out and about, driving to work, going shopping, having lunch as your local diner, be aware of numbers around you that you particularly take notice of. Any number, from a street address to a phone number to a number on a billboard could be beckoning you to play it on your next ticket. They may seem like random numbers showing up out of the blue, but if you really notice them then sometimes they may being placed for you to blatently see and use for your lottery numbers.

• The Most Drawn Method – Some people like to go on the Operator’s website and check out what numbers have been drawn the most over all the draws since that particular lottery started. They feel that since these numbers come up most often, by playing them, the have a really good chance of hitting the jackpot.

• The Least Drawn Method – Conversely you can decide to select the least drawn numbers, hoping that these numbers are now due to be pulled.

• The Winning Numbers Method – Or you can look at the numbers that came up the most in winning combinations and play those numbers as you know they should come up for you, right?

• The Let the Computer do it Method – Lastly, you can just simply throw luck and caution to the wind and let the system generate random numbers for your ticket combination. No fuss, no muss, and no thinking on your part.

No guaranteed wins

Now really, none of these methods will guarantee any type of win, and really how you pick your numbers has no bearing on what numbers are actually drawn. So spread 49 cards on the floor and let your dog pick six of them, or better yet, throw your luck troll doll down on the cards six times, or ask everyone you meet what their lucky number is and use those, or choose whatever sane, wacky, or really crazy ideas you can come up with to select your luck numbers. Who knows, you might just select the right method to hit the big one.

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