What Makes Lotteries so Popular

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What Makes Lotteries so Popular
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    William Monroe
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Why is the lottery such a popular pastime?

The fun of the lottery

Lotteries are a favourite pastime for many people. They provide entertainment and fun with the anticipation of beating the odds and winning a prize, always hopefully the jackpot. But what really attracts us to the lottery? Is it the ability to win big cash? Maybe the feeling of the anticipation of the draw? Or is it a desire to beat the odds? Or perhaps it’s just the thrill and fun of playing and maybe wining even though the odds suck? Maybe it’s none of these. But it can’t be denied that playing the lottery for a wide range of potential wins attracts players for any number of reasons such as:

  • Even smallest bets can win largest jackpots. There are lotteries that for a dollar or up to five dollars per ticket, the small purchase price could win a jackpot of milloins. Even if the win is in the thousands, five bucks is a small amount of money spent to win a large cash prize.
  • Lotteries are highly regulated resulting in an industry with full transparency and the guarantee that draws are honest and open. This provides an extremely safe gambling experience for the gaming public who do not hesitate to spend money to potentially win money with no fear of the operator trying to cheat anyone out of a legitimate win.
  • A large win would allow a player to lead a life of total freedom that never existed for them before. Free of debts, mortgage or rent, having a new reliable car, and not having to work anymore, sets the winner off on a life that can be full of fun and excitement without the daily stresses and depressions of paying bills and dealing with collection agencies.
  • There is also the probability of huge jackpots bringing in a lot of new players who normally don’t play the lottery but now want to get in on trying to win the really big one.
  • The anticipation of creeping up closer to that huge lottery jackpot, sometimes with only being one number away from all that wonderful money, keeps players’ minds thinking about almost winning and keeps them buying tickets.
  • The odd belief that if you were to match three or four of the six drawn numbers this time, you are obviously bound to do better the next time.
  • Playing the lottery as a form of a fun and entertaining hobby or pastime in which a player knows they probably won’t win anything at all, and if they do win, it’s a bonus on top of their enjoyment of the draw.

The fun and excitement of hoping to win the lottery coupled with an entertaining way of enjoying the day are the top driving forces of why people love to play the lottery. It’s not about the actual win that gets players’ juices, and money, flowing, but it’s about the potential, the hope, the possibility, of winning any prize in general, and the big jackpot amount in particular.

So don’t take the lottery too seriously and just have fun playing it. Winning the jackpot is cool, but sometimes just seeing how close you can come to it is just as cool.

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