Powerball Winner Story: A Family That Plays Together, Wins Together

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Office pools playing Powerball is common, but this family proves that a family Powerball pool can become a Powerball winner story, too!

Powerball has so many great winner stories to tell. Here’s another one about the Reuter family who, like many other winners, couldn’t believe they’d won! Even better, it was a family affair, with four couples going together to purchase Powerball tickets. Here’s their Powerball winner’s story:

The Reuter Family Always Plays Powerball When the Prize Soars

Like many other Powerball players, Sue Reuter and her family watched the prize amount climb to an all-time high of $1 billion. The family played Powerball regularly, usually when the prize amount grew large like this one did. At a recent family gathering, everyone was talking about buying Powerball tickets, and Sue was the designated point person to purchase tickets for the group of four couples. She pooled the money and headed out to buy what she hoped were the winning tickets.

Sue Bought Powerball Tickets

Sue purchased the tickets at a nearby convenience store using the Quick Pick option. Playing Powerball is easy, and tickets are available at most gas stations and convenience stores. And in participating states, Powerball tickets can be purchased online or via an app on your cell phone. For Sue, a brief visit to her local convenience store was the simplest way to get in on the monstrous jackpot drawing.

Once purchased, she tucked them into her wallet, ready for the Wednesday drawing. Sue’s Powerball playing and the purchased tickets in her wallet quickly slipped her mind, and she didn’t remember them until the following Saturday. Players can go to any authorized lottery retail outlet and scan their tickets to see if any are winners.

Sue visited one of these authorized locations to scan her tickets. She was surprised and more than a little shocked when one of the scanned tickets caused the scanner to show a message stating she was a Powerball winner and needed to go to the State Lottery Prize Payment office to claim her prize.

No One in the Family Believed They’d Won

After Sue’s husband locked the winning ticket in their safe, she was able to reach out to her family members to share the good news. The odds of winning Powerball are steep, so most players react to matching numbers in disbelief.

The first question everyone asked her was, "Are you sure we have a winning ticket?" Of course, the next question was, "How much did we win?" And believe it or not, Sue didn’t know! She had to ask her husband just how much the Powerball winnings totaled.

The Reuter family won a $50,000 Powerball prize! Everyone in the family was excited to learn of their big Powerball win and couldn’t wait to accompany Sue to the State Lottery Commission.

How the Reuter Family Plans to Use Their Powerball Prize

The family members all have different plans on how they’ll use their Powerball prize winnings. Much-needed home improvements, taking an exotic vacation, and putting it all in a savings account were all ideas when the couples were excitedly discussing their Powerball winnings.

Claiming their Powerball prize was almost as easy as buying the initial ticket, too. Based on the prize amount, the Reuters had to verify their winning ticket in person at the Indiana State Lottery Commission office. Once the winning ticket is confirmed the iconic winner’s picture is taken with the big check.

Make Powerball a Family-Fun Activity

This story just goes to show that it’s much more fun to play Powerball with a group and even more fun when that group is composed of family members. However you choose to play, as a solo Powerball jackpot hopeful or as a group of family, friends, or work colleagues, have fun! Maybe your group will be the next Powerball winner story!

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