Get Inspired on How to Spend Your Millions with These Fun Powerball Purchases

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    Shaun Greer
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Powerball jackpot wins are legendary on their own, but ideas for potential Powerball purchases are just as inspirational for players.

Winning the Powerball is a dream for many Powerball players. But what happens when you actually win the jackpot? Well, some celebrate with smart retirement investments. Others pay off debts. And you can get inspired by some of these over-the-top, big-ticket purchases that are only made possible by a multi-million-dollar Powerball jackpot prize!

A Lavish Vacation

One of the most common first purchases Powerball winners make is a trip. From the beach to the mountains, a vacation can look different for everyone. Imagine using a portion of the millions you just won playing Powerball for an all-inclusive getaway stateside or abroad for as long as you like. While you’re lounging and enjoying the rest and relaxation, you can think about everything else to spend your chunk of change on (umbrella drink optional.)

Your Dream Home

If money weren’t an objection, what would your dream home look like? Powerball winnings can vary in amount. But when your winnings are in the millions, it can open a whole new real estate world for you. Ranches, luxury condos, and mansions are all on the table and represent some of the past Powerball winners’ investments.

An Island

Owning an island sounds like an outlandish idea. But believe it or not, there are some out there in the million-dollar range. An “island” can be as small as a sandbar or as big as necessary to accommodate a new bungalow. Depending on whether you want an island getaway or just a quick private location for a seaside lunch, when you win a massive Powerball jackpot, consider adding “island owner” to your resume.

A Custom Ride

Of course, a new car is on the list of popular things to buy after winning a Powerball jackpot. A custom ride, a vintage time capsule, or a shiny new Bentley are within easy reach. With that kind of purchase, make sure you have enough left over for taxes, tags, insurance, and a climate-controlled garage to show off your new wheels.

A Shiny New…Racehorse?

Winning a Powerball jackpot means having enough cash flow to buy your own, bred-to-the-nines Thoroughbred. Thoroughbreds bred for the track often sell for over a million dollars as yearlings before they’ve even been trained! If you’re one for betting, take some time and get into leagues with some of the other Thoroughbred owners and racing trainers. See what may be a good prospect, and your name might go down in more than one history.

Bespoke Jewelry

Jewelry can mean anything from a dazzling tiara to a custom chain to a personalized toe ring! You might be someone who likes a new and modern look from scratch or going for the real deal authenticated vintage pieces. While you might not be able to get your hands on major historical crowns and jewels, there are plenty of other pieces that could suit your fancy. And as a newfound Powerball jackpot winner, you can afford to design whatever you like!

A Pool, Waterslide, or Hot Tub, Oh My!

What backyard isn’t complete without a water feature? If you’re one to swim for sport, for health, or just have a lovely, soothing backdrop for your yoga and lounging, a custom inground pool is a perfect option. Add in a matching hot tub, or go as far as to build a whole waterslide! With millions from a Powerball prize, you can afford to invest in a new relaxation spot.

Remember to Keep Smart

Regardless of how you dream of spending your potential jackpot millions, it’s always best to invest in your financial safety by getting in touch with a trusted financial advisor. Those Powerball winnings can be gone as fast as they arrive. And purchase joy can be fleeting when those fun new toys and houses can no longer be afforded.

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