More Than a Few Ways to Choose Your Powerball Numbers

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    Shaun Greer
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When it comes to playing Powerball, you have just as many options for choosing your Powerball numbers as you do chances to win!

There are plenty of reasons to love playing Powerball. Of course, the chance to win life-changing jackpots is the primary allure. But it’s fun to play because it’s easily affordable to do so. The odds reset equally for everyone, making it a level playing field. And it’s pretty convenient to play Powerball, too, with literally thousands of authorized retailers around the country. But another reason Powerball is so fun to play lies within the flexibility with which players can select their numbers. There are more than just a few ways to pick your roster of digits. Today, we’ll explore them all.

Letting the Machine Pick for You

It’s not uncommon for Powerball players to rely on the random selection of numbers by the in-store machine. Wherever you get Powerball tickets, ask the cashier to select digits for you using Quick Pick. Their machine randomly and digitally chooses your roster of numbers as part of your ticket purchase. Having the lineup pre-selected won’t cost you extra. And there have been several Powerball winners over the years whose winning numbers were chosen electronically for them at the time of purchase.

Choosing Your Own at Random

Feel free to select whichever Powerball numbers you like every time you play. And you’ll rest assured knowing that your odds are just the same as everyone else’s, regardless of your number selection methodology. As long as you choose five white ball numbers and one magical red Powerball digit, you’re in the running for a potential prize.

Play Powerball Online or On the Go

Picking numbers is quick and easy. And with authorized retailers dotting the U.S., you can find a gas station, supermarket, or retailer almost anywhere you happen to be. But if you’re not looking for a quick play on the go, you can also partake in the Powerball game online. Venturing over to the official site, you can select numbers there and purchase your tickets. Whether you pick your own or choose to have them randomly generated for you, it’s incredibly convenient to do so from the comfort of your couch and pajamas.

Selecting Powerball Numbers with Sentimental Value

For many Powerball players, selecting the lineup of digits requires some critical thinking. Some select numbers that correspond to sentimental milestone dates, like birthdays or anniversaries of loved ones. Others dip their toes into the supernatural, using their dinnertime fortune cookies or horoscopes to dictate which numbers to play. And some even revere number selection like a science, applying beliefs in numerology and astrology to carefully weigh their options.

Playing Favorites

Powerball players might subscribe to a variety of superstitions. And it’s how they determine which numbers to choose. Daily “noticed” numbers, for example, are chosen based on the player’s awareness of certain numbers throughout their everyday lives. Others play the same lineup every time, confident their played and replayed numbers will eventually be a winning combination. Some consider numbers from their dreams as favorites to play or look back at previously drawn numbers to choose for their roster.

No matter what method you use to choose your Powerball numbers, have fun with it! Get out there and play, either with a randomly selected Quick Pick or a carefully selected roster of personal favorites!

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