'Miss Billie' Wins $100,000 with the Power Play Feature

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    Shaun Greer
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Some of the best Powerball winner story headlines aren’t about Powerball players who won jackpots, but involve the Power Play® feature.

Sure, there are plenty of Powerball winner stories about players who matched all their numbers to win a jackpot prize. However, there are even more tales of winners who won non-jackpot amounts, including $50,000 and $100,000 winners. With so many ways to win, even without matching every number drawn, players can dream of smaller yet still sizable prizes. The Power Play® feature and multiplier is a quick way to double or triple any Powerball prize amount, too. This feature is a game-changer when it comes to increasing winnings from a non-jackpot drawing. Check out Ms. Billie’s Power Play story and see how the Power Play® worked for her big win.

Billie Mooney Stopped to Get Her Morning Drink

Billie Mooney is a regular at the EZ Mart for her morning coffees. One morning, after grabbing her morning drink, she decided to buy a couple of Powerball tickets and added the Power Play® Feature to her Quick Pick ticket purchase. Hoping one of these tickets was the winner, she tucked her tickets in her wallet and went on with her day.

She Didn’t Realize That She’d Won

The morning after the drawing, Miss Billie made her regular morning stop at the EZ Mart, and the employees could hardly contain their excitement. They all wanted to know if Miss Billie had checked her tickets, "Miss Billie, have you checked your numbers yet? Someone from our store has won!" She fished her wallet out of her purse and handed the tickets to the clerk. Once the tickets were scanned, a cheerful tune played, and the words ‘WE HAVE A WINNER!’ could be heard through the computer’s speakers. She could not believe it, but she was a winner! Her prize? A cool $50,000! Miss Billie’s ticket matched four of the white ball numbers and also the Powerball number.

The Power Play® Feature Doubled Her Prize

Because Miss Billie chose to add the Power Play® feature to her ticket, it doubled her prize from $50,000 to $100,000. Here’s how Power Play® works: You must first purchase a conventional Powerball ticket, and for an additional fee, usually $2, you can add the Power Play® feature. This feature is a randomly drawn number that will multiply non-jackpot winnings two, three, four, five, or ten times the actual prize amount. Miss Billie’s Power Play® multiplier was two, so that’s how her $50,000 prize grew to $100,000!

The Next Powerball Winner Story Could Be Yours

Adding the Power Play® feature to her ticket propelled Miss Billie into the winner’s circle and garnered her a sizable prize to take home. Maybe the next featured Powerball winner’s story will be yours. And maybe your winnings will increase like Miss Billie’s because you decided to play the Power Play® feature!

So Many Easy Ways to Win

The saying rings true: if you want to win a Powerball prize, you’ve got to play! Playing Powerball has never been easier, with several purchase options available. You can also add the Power Play® feature when you play Powerball online. Winning numbers will be posted, as well as the multiplier for those who played the Power Play® feature. In addition to a website, cell phone apps are also available, with options similar to those found on the website. Or, just like Miss Billie, you can purchase your tickets in person at your local convenience mart or other retail outlets that offer Powerball.

A bonus from purchasing from a convenience mart or other retail outlet – that establishment also wins by getting a cash bonus from the Lottery commission for selling the winning ticket! Players should keep the Power Play® feature in mind when purchasing their Powerball tickets, and if they are a winner, that money will increase with the Power Play® multiplier, which will be an even bigger win!

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