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In this Powerball winner story, a woman delivers big after her OB-GYN appointment with a Powerball ticket purchase that made her $2M richer.

In this Powerball winner story, a woman delivers BIG after her OB-GYN appointment with her Powerball ticket purchase, making her $2 million richer!

Imagine leaving a doctor’s appointment and learning the big news of a Powerball prize win! That’s precisely what happened to one lucky player in Kentucky when she checked her Powerball ticket and realized she had matched five of the winning numbers, netting her the second prize of $1 million. See how thrilling this one OB-GYN appointment turned out to be for one lucky woman.

A Routine Visit to the OB-GYN

Jacalyn Armstrong from Oak Grove, KY, was keeping her routine OB-GYN appointment last October. And as she left that appointment, she realized her recent Powerball ticket purchase was a winner. Thrilled at the prospect of winning not $1M but $2M, thanks to the added PowerPlay, she called both her husband and her mom. With tears of joy, neither believed her at first. And Armstrong told officials that her mom and husband both thought she’d been crying because she’d just found out she was pregnant. But when they realized her post-OB-GYN call was to celebrate a Powerball prize, they were over the moon excited.

Intuition Inspired Armstrong to Play

This mom of three said she rarely plays the lottery, but as the jackpot grew larger, she decided she should play and purchased six tickets. Her intuition told her she needed to get in on this drawing. She was very happy that she listened to that intuition!

She made her purchase online through the Powerball website, making it an easy transaction. Once she realized she had a winning ticket, she was able to verify her ticket was a winner online, as well. Together, the Armstrongs ventured to the Official Lottery Office to collect their life-changing Powerball prize.

What the Armstrong’s Plan to Do with Their Powerball Prize

When asked what she wanted to do with her Powerball prize, she said she and her husband were going to buy a new car and a larger house. Additionally, the couple planned to donate to their church. Winnings can be paid either in a lump sum payment or via an annuity. The Armstrongs chose the lump sum and, after taxes, took home over $1.4M.

Non-Jackpot Prizes Can Be Life-Changing, Too

This Powerball winner story demonstrates just how incredible a non-jackpot Powerball prize can be for a family. Sure, players might be enticed to play in a particular drawing because of a sizable and growing jackpot prize. But like Jaclyn Armstrong, who didn’t win the Powerball jackpot last October, even matching some of the numbers drawn can be life-changing. Here’s a reminder of the payouts:

  • 1 number plus the Powerball: $4
  • 2 numbers plus the Powerball: $7
  • 3 numbers plus the Powerball - $100
  • 3 numbers - $7
  • 4 numbers plus the Powerball - $50,000
  • 4 numbers - $100
  • 5 numbers - $1M

Add in the PowerPlay like Jaclyn did, and any of these combinations could be doubled!

Where Will You Be When You Check Your Powerball Numbers?

Jaclyn Armstrong was leaving her OB-GYN appointment when she checked her Powerball numbers and learned that she’d won. Where will you be, and what will your Powerball winner story tell?

Winning any Powerball prize amount brings an unparalleled sense of exhilaration wherever you might be when the news hits you. From the electrifying moment of checking the numbers to the disbelief and elation of realizing a win, the experience is nothing short of magical. Whether it's a modest prize or a life-changing jackpot, the thrill of beating the odds and being rewarded with unexpected wealth is incomparable. With dreams suddenly within reach and possibilities endless, the excitement of winning a Powerball prize amount is an unforgettable experience!

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