4 Unique Ways to Choose Your Powerball Numbers

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    Shaun Greer
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Get inspired to try something new when playing Powerball, and choose Powerball numbers based on some of these unique methods.

When it comes time to pick your Powerball numbers, you could use a variety of methods for choosing which few numbers to pencil in on your ticket. If you’re like most Powerball players, you likely have a go-to method already in place that guides your number selection process. But if you’ve ever thought about changing up how you choose numbers and play, keep reading. Today, we’re sharing some of the unique or alternative ways to consider choosing your Powerball numbers. And who knows? Maybe a new way of picking digits leads to a big Powerball win!

1. Picking According to Sentimental or Milestone Dates

One of the most popular ways to choose Powerball numbers is to do so according to specific dates. From birthdays and anniversaries to milestone occasions or sentimental days of the year, many Powerball players subscribe to choosing numbers with calendar-related meanings. And when those “special” numbers contribute to a winning ticket, players presume it’s their sentimental meaning that made them favorable in the drawing.

2. Choosing Based on Horoscope Predictions

If you’re into astrology, you might also be an avid reader of daily or seasonal horoscope predictions. These predictions are said to be in alignment with the stars, tying in various lunar and planetary cycles to big individual decisions. It’s not uncommon for horoscopes to also feature lists of “lucky numbers” for each zodiac sign. Those digits might bring the good fortune you’re looking for in the way of Powerball numbers.

3. Theories of Numeric Patterns and Number Significance

Some people look for patterns to follow, generally based on past numbers drawn and probability theories. For example, recent data shows that the following numbers have been the most popular in winning Powerball tickets: 61, 32, 21, 63, and 36, and the most drawn Powerball number has historically been 18. Using various theories, people might seek to choose these numbers specifically, thinking they are more favorable. Or, Powerball players might avoid picking these numbers, feeling they’re no longer favorable in future drawings.

4. Let the Computer Pick for You

One Harvard statistics professor suggests you’d have better luck winning by choosing numbers entirely at random or letting the computer choose for you. This method of “no method,” whereby you assign no emotional value to the numbers you select, might be the way to go. However, the odds are no different, regardless of how you make your selections. There are plenty of past Powerball winner stories of those who won big with random numbers and Quick Pick tickets to prove the random way can win, too.

The Trust About Choosing Powerball Numbers

No matter what numeric theories you subscribe to, the fact is that Powerball odds for any series of numbers drawn is the same - one in 292.2 million. The numbers drawn in previous drawings carry no weight in impacting future drawings. And the odds reset for every player with every new game. So, while the outcomes aren’t determined by any “methods” for selecting Powerball numbers, why do so many still align their play with certain beliefs? It could be that bringing in your own ideas to affect how you play is just as fun as the thrill of potentially winning. You can play however you like, knowing your odds are the same as everyone else’s. In the end, it’s just another layer of fun and personalization that makes Powerball so alluring to those who love to play.

However you choose your Powerball numbers, whether it's with a spur-of-the-moment Quick Pick or deliberate study and selection of precise numbers, have fun with it! Powerball winners come forward all the time, representing all kinds of number-picking methods to get there. And it only reinforces the notion that any string of numbers can become a winner.

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