Iowa Winner Claims $2M After a Tornado Takes Her House

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In this heartwarming Powerball winner story, an Iowa woman gets $2 million that she uses to rebuild her home after losing her previous home to a tornado.

When you live in the Midwest, it’s understood that tornadoes are prevalent. But even when you expect risky weather, you’re never quite prepared for it when it happens. Tammy Gordon and her husband, Steve of Iowa, faced such a devastating tornado. But their luck changed shortly thereafter when Tammy found herself holding a winning Powerball ticket worth $2 million. Check out this heartwarming Powerball winner story.

The Devastating Tornado That Took Her Home

Tammy and Steve Gordy lived in Agency, Iowa. Tammy worked as a dietary aide at the community hospital. And this Wapello County community found itself in the path of a ravaging tornado back in 2001. After the storm, Tammy and Steve were devastated as their home had been completely destroyed. Not only would they have to start over, but they would also have to make plans to build another house.

The Rebuild Put on Hold

The Gordy’s claim they have never been “material people,” and while the loss of their family home was heartbreaking, they were motivated to rebuild. Over the next couple of years, Tammy and Steve began planning and building a new home. But life and finances had them putting the rebuild on hold. Off and on for a few years, the Gordy’s would try to restart their house-building project. If only they could have a financial blessing of some kind to help them finish the new home.

The Powerball Prize That Came at the Perfect Time

It was a Sunday morning when Tammy Gordy pulled up the Iowa Lottery app to check on some of her Powerball tickets. And she said she fell into her chair when she realized one of her Powerball tickets had matching numbers. Then, when she started calculating the Powerball prize amount, she told reporters, “There were all those zeroes!” When she shared the news with her husband, Steve, they both started screaming with excitement. They held a $2 million winner.

Tammy’s winning Powerball ticket managed to match the first five white ball numbers but not the red Powerball number. This lineup was worth $1 million. However, Tammy had also played the Power Play option, which multiplied her non-jackpot win to $2 million.

Tammy had purchased an easy-pick ticket at her local Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh store in Ottumwa, Iowa. And her ticket was the only $2 million winner in that particular drawing. The Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh got a $2,000 bonus prize for having sold the winning ticket.

Putting Her $2 Million to Good Use

Tammy and Steve Gordy said this winning Powerball ticket couldn’t have come at a better time. And they knew exactly what they wanted to do first. The Gordy’s were going to finish building their new home, a project that had been on hold for years. Except now, with a surplus of funding, Tammy said there would be a few upgrades to their original design. She said, “I’m talking about a walk-in closet and a Jacuzzi tub!” And considering what the Gordy's endured after losing their home to a tornado, the community rallied with them as deserving Powerball winners.

This Powerball winner story is a great example of how one lucky Powerball ticket could prove to be a winner just when you need it the most. And it's also a testament to how big your prize can become when you opt for the $1 extra for the Power Play multiplier. So, don't hesitate to do the Quick Pick and bump your prize potential with the Power Play. Tammy Gordy did, and now she's $2 million richer with plans to finally rebuild a dream home with walk-in closets.

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