4 Reasons To Always Use The Same Powerball Numbers

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    Shaun Greer
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While there is no reason to believe your same favorite Powerball numbers will give you an advantage, there are still a few fun reasons to keep playing them.

When it comes to choosing Powerball numbers, there is no advantage or disadvantage to how you play. Some people still rely on the numbers selected for them by the Quick Pick software. Others, however, take careful consideration about selecting each number in the lineup. And while there is no proof your odds increase of winning the jackpot in either scenario, there are a few fun reasons to stick with your favorite digits.

1. They’re Your Powerball Numbers; Pick What You Like

One of the greatest attributes of Powerball lies in the player’s ability to pick what numbers he or she wants. Your numbers, whether chosen by you one by one or having the clerk run the ticket through to select for you, are all yours. And winning any prize amount, small or jackpot size, is incredibly rewarding when you know you were responsible for the numbers you played. It almost makes the win that much more personal when you pick the same numbers for every game.

2. Sentimental Value Makes Playing Powerball More Meaningful

Let’s face it. When you’re picking numbers based on loved ones’ birthdays or wedding anniversaries every game, playing Powerball can feel more meaningful. And when those extra-special numbers land you some serious cash, it’s even more impressive. So, don’t be afraid to keep selecting the same Powerball numbers when you play, especially when the numbers you choose have sentimental value. Your odds of winning won’t be affected, but your emotional side will certainly feel fulfilled.

3. Powerball Winners Who Stuck with The Same Numbers

A man in New York won a Powerball jackpot worth $343 million with the same series of numbers he had been playing repeatedly for years. In fact, reports say he had been selecting the same roster of numbers every week for the last 25 years. His number choices may not have increased his odds of winning over time or in those past games. But it certainly made the 25-year wait worth it and the same numbers that much more special when he did hit the jackpot.

A Pueblo, Colorado man won two separate $1 million Powerball prizes after accidentally buying a ticket in the evening, forgetting he had already purchased his other ticket earlier in the day. He played the same numbers for both, making it a first-time Powerball anomaly in Colorado. He had been playing the same numbers for some 30 years of playing Powerball.

A Delaware man did the same thing, choosing the same numbers across more than one game, earning him a $100,000 cash prize. And a Virginia woman did it too, in 2012, winning two $1 million prizes. So, winning with the same lineup of numbers certainly can happen.

4. Do Your Odds Increase with the Same Numbers of Multiple Games?

When you play more than one game for each Powerball drawing, you technically increase your odds of winning with the added gameplay. So, is there reason to believe playing the same numbers for multiple drawings will also increase your chances of taking home a jackpot? The short answer is no. The rules of Powerball expressly make for independent drawings, leveling the odds and the playing field for each game. While your numbers might be the same, your odds of winning won’t increase across multiple games, even if you play the same roster of digits.

If you love to play Powerball and have a reason to pick the same numbers for each game, go ahead! It won’t hurt your chances of winning any more than it will help. You might as well get some joy, fun, and sentimental value out of those numbers that mean the most to you.

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