4 Challenges You'll Face After Winning Powerball

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    Shaun Greer
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While you’re planning on how you’ll spend your Powerball jackpot, you’ll also want to be mindful of challenges that come with winning Powerball, too.

You might spend years dreaming about winning a Powerball jackpot. So, when the time comes, you’re going to be elated at a whole other level. However, while you’re jumping for joy, excited about your massive multi-million dollar windfall, it’s also best to prepare for some challenges. Yes, you’ll have a great deal of luxury and freedom with all that cash. But as past Powerball winners demonstrate, there can be just as many, if not more, obstacles to consider.

1. Protecting Your Identity

One of the first challenges you’ll face as a newfound Powerball jackpot winner involves protecting yourself. You’ll be a local celebrity and likely have to deal with the press. And given your new high-profile status, you could become a high-profile target for scammers, fraudsters, and thieves. It’s happened before to other winners, too. Criminals come out of the woodwork and tap into all their available resources to either scam you out of money or use your name as a platform for scamming others. Consider taking steps to remain as anonymous as possible, depending on your state. Don’t boast or brag about your winnings to reduce the risk of becoming a target.

2. Investing for Your Future

Most of us can’t fathom hundreds of millions of dollars or more. And because it’s hard to quantify for most people, spending indefinitely often ensues. Another challenge many Powerball jackpot winners face is knowing how to properly manage their finances. Investing in your future, not just your present, is the best way to stretch that jackpot to its limits. Avoid becoming like some winners who spend, gamble, and waste their millions within the first year. Get the best financial advice from a wealth professional who can guide your spending and investment decisions so your jackpot lasts a lifetime.

3. Not Giving in to Peer Pressure

There’s another obstacle that many Powerball winners anticipate but never seem to be quite prepared for when it happens. And that’s peer pressure. Should you come into a sizable jackpot, your closest friends and family will soon become privy. They’ll more than likely reach out to you for financial assistance and gift cash, too. While you might be able to commit to holding your ground and not doling out the checks, it can be an entirely different level of pressure when you’re actually faced with telling people no. Consider preparing ahead and making provisions for yourself with wealth management that limits what you can gift or donate. Establish boundaries and support systems that allow you to stick to your plan. Sure, helping someone once in a while is expected. But falling prey to greedy and needy family members is not.

4. Luxuries vs. Lifestyle

Should you book several weeks of vacations to beach resorts? Or should you buy a new fleet of vehicles to park in that fancy new garage? It’s kind of a good problem to have, right? With millions in the bank, you’ll have some tough decisions to make about what your lifestyle is going to be like. But be mindful that short-term luxuries tend to be more costly than you think. And even minor elevations to your lifestyle, over time, can add up quickly. Again, get with a pro who can advise you on how to make your winnings work for you. Establish investments with returns that serve as passive income on your accumulated wealth. Be modest about what luxury and lifestyle upgrades you actually need. And if executed correctly, you’ll still enjoy the finer things in life without the hassles of financial burdens.

While you’re daydreaming about winning a Powerball jackpot, go ahead and start thinking about how you’ll problem-solve some of these mass-cash challenges. Then get out there and play!

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