Literary Lottery: Five Books That Deal with Lottery Games

Check out these five must-read lottery-related books today.
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A lot’s been written about lottery games and how to crack the jackpot.

Plenty of winners have had their stories printed, too. They’re inspiring to read.

So, this week, we thought we’d take a look at some of the top books that deal with lottery games, along with one or two fiction pieces that are just plain fun.

Lottery Master Guide Paperback

Gail Howard’s book is one of the most comprehensive books on scientific lottery strategy. In fact, critics say that once you apply the methods penned in this book, you’ll never view lottery numbers the same way again.

Howard uses a few effective rules to teach you how to spot specific numbers for certain draws and make the best use of your hard-earned dollars when you play the lottery.

The book teaches you how to pick up on patterns that can lead to winning numbers, as well as how to spot the next hot numbers. It’s a book for serious players and addresses everything from the Canadian lottery games to America’s Powerball.

You’ll learn how to turn a chance of game into sheer skill and reduce the odds not by a couple hundred, but by millions.

Easy Dollars: at the Pick 3 – Pick 4 Daily Lotto

This literary piece by Isaac Nwokogba is based on a Chinese proverb that, “the more you know, the more luck you will have.” Easy Dollars aims to help readers create your own easy money.

The author is a daily-game player himself, so it’s been written in an easy-to-read-and-understand style, complete with charts, tables, and actual winning numbers. You’ll learn how to examine the selection process and identify winning strategies.

If you’re tired of buying tickets only to crumple them up and bin them, this could be the book for you.

The Mathematics of Lottery: Odds, Combinations, Systems

Author Catalin Barbianu offers lottery fans a comprehensive mathematical guide to lottery games.

Everything from combinatorics to lottery matrices and probability is covered in this great read. The math section describes the mathematical model of a lottery – arguably the true core of the game.

In this book, you’ll find all the mathematical data in terms of parameters attached to lotteries and personal playing systems. By applying the data, you can find winning probabilities for your game of choice and how the probabilities tend to change with different systems, depending on a game’s structure.

You also get to learn about different formulas that provide the number of potential multiple prizes in a range of circumstances.

This is a book that offers essential information about a wide range of lottery games and provides a rather solid basis for gaming decisions.

The Lottery Ticket

Anton Chekhov has been described as one of the most influential writers of all time. His work is still studied in minute detail by academics and dramatists.

This is a non-fiction piece of work that makes for a great read. The story takes us on the journey of Ivan Dmitrtich and his wife. Mrs. Dmitritch is halfway through reading that day’s winning lottery numbers when she realises they’ve won. The couple quickly get to work dreaming about all the things they’d do with their life-changing windfall.

During their time of fantasy, the couple starts to grow suspicious of one another, even resentful. Neither wants the other to be so financially well off.

Finally, Ivan glances at the lottery ticket and it dawns on him that they don’t have the final number right. Excitement and animosity both fade instantly and the couple return to their humdrum yet peaceful existence.

It’s a classic read that most of us can relate to. After all, how often do you daydream about spending your future winnings?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We had to include Roald Dahl’s most decorated piece of literature. It’s a story most of us have read at some point.

The journey begins when one lucky little boy, Charlie, wins a golden ticket and the chance to tour the world’s most mystical chocolate factory.

The factory is run by confectionary kingpin and highly eccentric character, Willie Wonka. Wonka ran a rather specific kind of lottery. The golden tickets were hidden inside Wonka bars. Charlie's chances were likely one in millions – just like Powerball!

But, the little boy from a humble background beat those odds and went on one crazy, exciting adventure.

What Would You Do with Your Winnings?

Once you’ve read these five books, we bet you’ll be dreaming about how to spend your next windfall.

After all, armed with the statistics, the math and some figurative fun ways to splash the cash, you’re sure to be a winner, right?

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