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Do a Village and Small Town Tour
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    William Monroe
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Get off the tourist trail with your lottery win!

The millions of dollars you have won on the lottery will let you travel the world and visit all kinds of big and popular cities like Vienna, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, London, Toronto, or New York. But did you know that it’s not just the big cities that have things for you to see and do? Avoid the big cities on your next venture and visit your local small towns and villages for a unique, relaxing, exciting, and unusual experience avoiding the top tourist destinations.

Getting off the Tourist Trail

Visiting local small towns and villages will offer you the chance see awesome scenic views and attractions you won’t find in the big city. You will not have to make any travel arrangements or bookings, be required to stick to anyone’s schedule, or be tied down by anything that would normally control your vacation or trip, such as scheduled guided tours, group travel, and restricted timelines. In a small town or village, you see what you want when you want by just walking around town and also talking to the locals. There will also be much less stress you have to endure everyday. The pace of life in small towns and villages is much slower and laid back than city life. You can easily see all the stars in the sky and hear all the birds in the morning. Life is much simpler and more aesthetic.

As small towns and villages usually have small populations, the community itself is going to be small, and as such, the old saying of everyone knows everybody else’s business holds true. So you will see maybe one grocery or general store, one or two bars, small businesses like a hair salon, barber, or furniture store, medical clinic, one or two stoplights, and maybe a firehouse or police station. You will also find an unusually large amount of churches. And everyone will probably know all the other business owners in the town.

This type of outing is also more affordable. Prices for food, lodging, and attractions are usually much lower and you will be supporting the town or village economy through your visit. The locals are (mostly) very friendly and nice and will possibly chat with you right on the spot before you even open your mouth. Some might be wary of visitors and a few might be cranky or just plain rude, but in general small town folks are a very friendly lot.

So much to do

There are many things to do in small towns and villages. You may be able to visit a tiny bookstore or thrift stop in the town centre. You can buy fresh produce, pies, and other goodies at roadside stands and farmers’ markets. You can take in the local fair or festival. Enjoy going on a hike and looking at the various wildlife. Eat a very tasty breakfast at the diner and try local cuisine that might just knock your socks off. Take a walking tour to learn more about the town and area such as historical sites and buildings. There may be a museum or two to visit, such as a potato or agricultural museum, or one that showcases local exhibits. And of course don’t forget about craft stores where you buy locally hand-made items to take home as a usable reminder of your visit.

If you have the inkling, you may discover that there is a local ranch that provides horseback rides through the countryside. You will not find that kind of activity in the city. There may be places that provide demonstrations on local farming such as tapping and making maple syrup, harvesting crops, making crafts, baking and cooking, and a myriad of other industries. You never know what secret joys are in a town or village until you go there.

To set up your small town trip, use the internet to look at small towns and villages in your area and check out the attractions and events each one has. Make note of what things are of interest to you and simply make a quick note. Then, when you want to visit that town or village, simply drive there and check out the things that interested you. Then explore the town more, get to know the people, and have the best darn vacation or outing in your life.

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