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Buy a Ticket, Help your Community
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    William Monroe
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buying lottery tickets can help community projects too

It is not an unknown fact that lottery operators bring in a ton of money in lottery ticket sales every year. Some goes to pay for operations, some for wages and salaries, and some to finance the prizes. But what a lot of players may not realize is that a large portion of the income goes to a certain sector of groups to finance their own operations. This sector is called Charities.

Lotteries make charitable donations

Yes, charities receive money from the lottery operator to provide assistance to those who are in rough predicaments due to poverty, inadequate housing, hunger, homeless, and those with mental health issues, medical diseases and conditions, and various disabilities. This money helps pay for food, clothing, and shelter. It helps pay for medicines and medical treatment. It enables charities to help a lot of families and children year round, but especially at Christmas with dinner and presents. It allows schools to buy books and supplies, supports sporting activities for youth, and helps agencies to create a sense of importance and dignity for those less fortunate.

Your purchase of a lottery ticket gives you not just the chance to win a lot of money, but also benefits those in your community. Unlike regular donating, in which you are doing so out of the goodness of your heart, with a lottery purchase, you are “donating” but doing so, so you have the opportunity to get something back.

And it is very important to understand that you are helping your community when playing the lottery. A lot of people are living on welfare cheques and pensions. With a fixed income, there is little to go around to pay for food and rent. Some people go homeless, some people go hungry, same do both. Drug addiction is a menace in any community and can lead to all types of situations, from violence to fatal overdose. Alcoholism is another addiction that bring even very successful people down to street level existence. Domestic violence and abuse, child abuse, and elderly abuse unfortunately is quite common. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to get by day to day like you.

These people need a lot of help and support to try to get out of their current condition and situation, or at least be able to be human beings and be treated as human beings. Each of us has a right to food, water, shelter, clothing, and medical access. Charities, supported by lottery profits, try to do this on a daily basis, by walking the neighbourhoods and handing out gloves and socks, coats and shoes. They set up soup kitchens and mobile assistance vehicles. They provide services such as medical treatment, getting a birth certificate, or work and educational training. Charities take the “bottom of the heap” and try to help as many people as they can, survive and hopefully improve their situation.

So next time you buy your lottery tickets, take a moment to reflect on the fact that your purchase of even just on ticket could mean an adult or child gets a meal, a homeless person gets some warm clothing, or a man or woman is able to leave an abusive relationship. You are not just buying a lottery ticket for yourself, you are actually helping disadvantaged people in your community. And that should make you feel blessed for your own situation.

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