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In this Powerball winner story, learn how friends routinely playing Powerball actually won and kept their vacation pact to travel big.

With so many ways to win and so many convenient ways to play, Powerball winners seemingly come forward all the time. In this Powerball winner story, best friends in Arkansas came out victorious. And when they learned about winning a cash prize, the two friends kept their pact to take a “besties” vacation.

Joanna and Her Best Friend LeaAnn Made a Pact

Joanna and her best friend, LeaAnn, recently discussed the growing Powerball jackpot. As the prize rose, the pair decided to get in on the action. LeaAnn told Joanna that it was “time to buy tickets,” as she shared during an interview. And it was then the two decided not only to buy tickets together but also how they’d spend the winning cash should their numbers match in the latest drawing. Joanna and LeaAnn made a pact. “If either of us won big, we’d take a vacation together.”

Stopping to Buy Tickets on Her Way to a Muay Thai Fight

With their minds made up about playing Powerball and an official “bestie” pact in place, Joanna set out to buy a few Powerball tickets. Conveniently, she was able to stop at the Kum & Go gas station on her way out of Conway, Arkansas, that Saturday afternoon. She happened to be on her way to watch a Muay Thai fight in nearby Springdale. And she had no idea that the decision would result in winning a Powerball prize.

Matching Enough Numbers to Win a Significant Powerball Prize

The September 30th drawing produced the following sequence of winning numbers: 19, 30, 37, 44, and 46, with the Powerball being 22. The multiplier for this drawing was two, meaning anyone with a non-jackpot prize amount who’d played the Power Play would double their winnings.

Joanna checked her ticket numbers and was elated. Not only had she managed to match four of the white balls and the Powerball number, but she’d also played the Power Play. So, her ticket was a $50,000 winner, now doubled to $100,000.

Jackpot winners can decide to choose to receive their Powerball prize as an annuity, paid out over 30 graduated payments spanning 29 years, or a lump sum payment upfront. Both prize options are still subject to federal, state, and local taxes. Financial experts suggest consulting with a professional before deciding how you'll collect your prize. Joanna and LeaAnn took theirs in a lump sum.

Everybody Wins When Somebody Wins

Joanna and LeaAnn weren’t the only winners. The authorized retailer responsible for selling the winning ticket also earns a 1% commission. In this Powerball winner story, the Kum & Go #158 gas station received a $1,000 commission check. So, in a way, everyone wins when someone wins!

As for Joanna and LeaAnn, the two best friends were undecided about their ideal vacation destination when first interviewed. And aside from paying a few bills, the two were committed to honoring their pact to travel together somewhere fun. You can find their enthusiastic picture with their giant Powerball check for $100,000 online.

Winning with Friends Is Just More Fun

Playing Powerball with friends or coworkers adds to the fun and camaraderie. And what better way to win than to win with your best friend? The possibilities are endless with any Powerball prize. This Powerball winner story demonstrates how easily two friends could become $50,000 winners, let alone $100,000 winners. It also proves how much fun you could have with even non-jackpot prizes, such as exotic vacations or waterfront homes that you and your friends can share.

However you choose to play, either as a last-minute solo ticket purchase or with your own best friends, have fun with it!

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