A $100,000 Powerball Prize Is All a KY Man Needed to Retire

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    Shaun Greer
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One man not only became a Powerball prize winner, he also scored enough cash to retire and enjoy his golden years.

How much money would you need to retire comfortably? When Powerball players buy their weekly tickets, they often reflect on how much they’d “like” to win, along with how much they might “need” to live comfortably. The two prize amounts might differ for you. In this Powerball winner story, a Louisville, Kentucky, man got lucky with a prize-winning ticket. And it turned out to be just the amount he needed to begin his retirement.

More Than a Decade Driving a School Bus

James Keown lives in Louisville, Kentucky. And for more than a decade, he’s driven a Jefferson County Public School bus. As much as he enjoyed his life behind the wheel, he, like so many other Powerball hopefuls, always dreamt of winning it big. As it turns out, Keown’s lucky day would come in the form of a $100,000 Powerball prize win. It's not a nationwide, headline-worthy win, necessarily. But this is one of those Powerball winner stories where the happy ending doesn't require a multi-million-dollar prize. And it's just as heartwarming as they come.

Learning He Had a Winning Ticket

James Keown had gone about his day as any other before it. A pitstop at the local Circle K in Louisville, and Keown thought he’d buy a Powerball ticket. He also added the Power Play feature to his ticket, multiplying a potential prize by the Power Play number drawn.

Keown’s ticket proved to be a winner. And he said he “looked at it four times,” expecting somehow for his eyes to deceive him. But his ticket matched four white balls drawn and the red Powerball, earning him a $50,000 prize. But remember, he’d also added the multiplier, which in this case doubled his prize amount, totaling $100,000. The Circle K gas station where he'd purchased his winning ticket would get in on the action, as well. Authorized retailers responsible for selling the ticket get a percentage of the win, in this case, $1,000.

Breaking the News to His Wife

Keown texted his wife, asking her to call him immediately. His wife, Monta, later told reporters she was worried that something was wrong. But when she called him, he first told her, “I just paid off my bills!” And when she questioned what he was talking about, he clarified that he’d just won $100,000 with his Powerball ticket. Monta said, "I was just so happy for him!" The couple went to their local Lottery Headquarters the following Monday to claim their winnings. After taxes, the Keowns took home $71,500.

Plans for Retirement and Good Works

Now, $71,500 isn’t a multi-million dollar jackpot or even close to a $1M prize. But for James Keown, it was a substantial enough amount to take his next step into retirement. Keown called his boss and told him about his winning ticket and tendered his resignation. “I love my job,” Keown said, but he’d had his mind set on retirement for some time. And this surge in funds allowed him to move forward with his plans.

The couple told officials that they’d had their eyes on some lake property to buy. And they’ve been avid supporters of feline rescue efforts and disabled cat shelters. So, they intended to share their new wealth with various feline rescue organizations.

Powerball winner stories like this one just demonstrate how lives can change with any sized Powerball prize. The Keowns didn’t need a jackpot to live happily ever after. And maybe you don’t either. Get out there and play, and don’t forget about the prize-boosting power of the Power Play multiplier! You, too, could have a great retirement story to tell!

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