A Day at the Beach Turned Into a $1M Powerball Win

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One couple heads to the beach for Labor Day weekend and returns $1M richer after playing Powerball on vacation.

One of the reasons so many play Powerball is the sheer convenience of the game. You can play by buying a ticket from one of the thousands of authorized retailers across the country or venture online to secure your ticket in participating states. And in this Powerball winner story, one newlywed couple bought their Powerball ticket while at the beach on vacation. It turned out to be $1M dollars of icing on their vacation cake.

You Can Buy Powerball Tickets Practically Anywhere

There are 45 states that authorize Powerball play, making it easy for anyone to get in on the drawing action. And within each of those US states, there are hundreds of authorized retailers to visit, usually convenience stores, grocery stores, and liquor stores. It’s so convenient since players are often visiting these retailers already to grab groceries or fill up on gas. In some areas, you can get your Powerball ticket from the local bait and tackle. Some airport terminals even sell Powerball tickets, making it a breeze to play when you’re traveling. But you can also venture online to buy tickets in participating states. In this latest Powerball winner story, a couple bought their Powerball ticket at the beach.

The Newlyweds Take a Vacation and a Chance on Powerball

A North Carolina newlywed couple planned a weekend getaway to the beach over Labor Day. And while they were there, with toes in the sand, they took their chances on playing Powerball. The couple bought a $2 ticket at the Circle K in Southport. But they didn’t give much thought after their purchase, and April Royal said it wasn’t until their drive home that following Monday that they remembered to check their numbers.

The Drive Home Turned Celebration

While driving back home from their beach vacation, the Royals thought to look up their Powerball ticket numbers to see if they’d won. Royal said, “Here I am driving in all this Labor Day traffic,” when the couple realized their numbers matched those drawn. They pulled over to verify their winning ticket and said they were still “in shock” at their good fortune. Imagine taking a vacation, just getting married, and learning you’ve won a $1M Powerball prize!

What They’re Doing with Their Prize Money

The couple went to the Raleigh lottery headquarters to collect their Powerball prize the following day. After taxes, the $1M prize turned into $712,501, which is still enough to pay off some bills. The Royals told local reporters they planned to do just that, pay off some bills, along with making some investments. And the newlyweds also said they hoped to splurge a little on an upcoming honeymoon trip.

What You Have to Match to Win $1M

The Royal's winning ticket was one of two winning tickets nationally for that drawing. They managed to match the five white balls and numbers to qualify for the $1M. Your odds of winning a $1M Powerball prize are one in 11.6 million. And should you play, you can choose your own Powerball numbers or opt for the Quick Pick, allowing your ticket numbers to be auto-generated for you. Had the Royals chosen to play the Power Play for an extra dollar, they could have multiplied their winnings.

This Powerball winner story demonstrates that you can play Powerball practically anywhere, any time. This North Carolina couple played while on vacation and won big. And you can play on vacation too, or while you're traveling for work, just picking up groceries, or when you're filling up at the gas station. So, get out there and grab a Powerball ticket. Who knows, you could become $1M richer, too.

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