Your Newly Financed Halloween Party

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Your Newly Financed Halloween Party
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    William Monroe
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How to throw a Halloween party, lottery winner style!

Most everyone enjoys a really good Halloween party. The costumes and food, entertainment and refreshments, and scary themes, combine to make an atmosphere of fun fright and good times. Now that you have won the lottery, it’s time for you to plan for and give the most expensive and frightening Halloween party you could ever throw.

How to Throw a Halloween Party Like a Lottery Winner

First you will need to send out invitations indicating just how spooky your party is going to be. Indicate the location, time, that customs appropriate for the theme (scary, horror) are mandatory..

Serve the most disgusting looking yet most delicious foods you can find. Most of these types of foods can easily be found on the Internet. You could make things like pigs in a blanket designed to look like severed fingers, and a cake with strawberry jam in it so that when someone custs into it, it will “bleed.” Body part, gore, and other cakes that exactly what they are supposed to be. The used kitty litter cake always freaks guests out. Serve your drinks in a cauldron. Add eyeball, fly, or gore ice cubes and watch the fun happen.

The music must be Halloween related. You can’t go wrong with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s “Monster Mash.” There are even some musical groups out there who create and sell instrumental works of scary music that can be used as background music or during games.

Make your Halloween party theme as horrific as you can. The scarier it is the more fun everyone will have. Don’t forget about spooky lighting, and especially sound effects. Nothing sets the mood as much as the atmosphere. You can get CDs or buy online of Halloween effects, with everything from rattling chains, moans, groans, and screams, to creaky doors, and phantom footsteps and pianos.

Terrifying fun

Don’t forget to play incredibly scary games. One of the best Halloween games to play is to have them sit around in a circle, close their eyes, and hold their hands out. Put various things in their hand that are slimy or squishy, cold or runny. Tell a story that is related to the items so the guests imagine what the item could be. For instance, cooked and refrigerated spaghetti in pasta sauce could end up feeling like brains if your story is scary enough. Use meatballs or soft boiled eggs to represent various eyeballs, and a small cheap piece of meat to represent a heart. Every time a new item in placed in their hands, they will cringe in fear wondering what it is.

Since you have the money to throw this type of party, you need not plan and execute the party yourself. Many professional Halloween party planners can do all the work for you, and create something so horrible your guests will remember it all their lives. Whatever way you go, if you’ve created the most horrific Halloween party imaginable, then your guests will actually soil their costumes and your party will be a huge success.

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