Winning the Jackpot Lets you Indulge

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Winning the Jackpot Lets you Indulge
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    William Monroe
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The luxury of a winning lottery jackpot

We all want to enjoy the better things in life but for most of us, we have to settle for what we can afford. But when you win the lottery, you now have the money to buy what you want. Most people will go for cars and houses, but the more health-conscious ones will realize that they can now afford to do things that can improve their bodies through a better lifestyle and especially eating habits. Now, they can indulge in better health through better food.

We all know that junk food keeps us happy and satisfied, but is extremely terrible for our insides. Most of us eat junk food because it is cheap, easily available, and either ready to eat or just needs a minute or two in the microwave. It’s available almost anywhere and is ready to eat at a moment’s notice. And we usually buy the cheapest products that we can to save money. Junk food sure does taste good, doesn’t it? Those empty calories satiate us immediately with their fat and sugar.

The Luxury of a Healthy Diet

But with a jackpot win, you can now eat much better and more expensive foods that can replace the cheap junk food products. For instance, potato chips are unhealthy because they are fried in oil and have a lot of fat in them. You can now purchase baked potato chips instead (not the ones made from potato flour, but actual slices of potato that have been baked) that have a lot less fat in them.

Higher quality lean meats don’t come cheap and you have gotten lower quality cuts at a cheaper price. Buy lean meats now that have less fat and more quality protein. More expensive cuts of lean steaks, roasts, and chops will create a better tasting meal.

Even just look at coffee and tea. The higher quality brands, yes the more expensive ones, use better coffee beans and tea leaves to create a drink that is more delicious and satisfying, not simply a way of getting a quick jolt of caffeine. You can look for higher quality brands that will give you a better tasting cup that you can actually drink, close your eyes, and concentrate on the flavour.

As for vegetables and fruits, you can now afford high quality, fresher, organic produce that has taken less time to get from the farm to the store, and that includes multi-filtered milk and organic eggs. You actually can taste the difference in quality of fresher organic products.

And don’t think that with your winnings you are going to eat out at a restaurant every night. In fact, with more money you should be cooking at home and saving money. Going out for lunch or dinner once or twice a month is ok, but really you should be cooking at home, from scratch, as much as possible. You can now stay away from canned soups and packaged macaroni and cheese. Make soups with the ingredients that you want in them, and homemade mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes, and other products that come in packages or frozen, from fresh ingredients.

Fresh Food isn't Cheap

Wean off store deli meats and cheeses and find a local butcher and cheesemaker who produce low fat, fresh products for your sandwiches and platters. But don’t give up any of the healthy cheap products you may buy. Of course moving from margarine to butter will cost you more, but peanut butter quality is consistent from brand to brand. Peanuts are protein and peanut oil is heathy for you. So peanut butter sandwiches are cheap, easy to make, and packed with nutrients. Bananas are a quick snack, provide fruit servings, and lots of potassium. You don’t have to upgrade to olive oil. Cheaper canola and sunflower oil are still healthy alternatives for salads, cooking, and dipping.

If you win the lottery, you now can indulge in the better things in life. And buying higher quality, fresher organic foods, is a great way to indulge in a better you.

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