Winning the Jackpot can improve your Health

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Winning the Jackpot can improve your Health
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    William Monroe
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Winning the lottery can be good for your health, here's how

There’s an old saying that money can’t buy happiness, but if you are struggling day to day just to get buy on many fronts, money, like a lottery jackpot win, can make you happy, and healthy as well!

Healthcare and Wealth are Connected

One problem of not having money is the possibility of declining health due to the inability to afford proper health care. Some countries provide all health care free of charge. Some have a socialist health care system in which basic health care is provided to citizens such as emergency surgeries or checkups, but medical supplies such as prescriptions, are not covered. And a few countries have a health care system in which citizens have to pay out of pocket or through an insurance plan (that they still have to pay for) for even basic health care needs. With lottery jackpot winnings, you can now afford medical insurance and don’t have to worry about dishing out hundreds or thousands of dollars just to get a checkup and prescription for your cold or flu. You will be able to afford your prescriptions and doctor’s notes.

Another problem of not having a lot of money is the types of foods we eat. Healthy food can be expensive and most of us buy cheaper products to get by. And of course we also buy junk food. Why? Because junk food is cheap. What’s more cost effective? A big bag of chips for 99 cents or a perfectly balanced box of healthy cereal for $3.99? Yes, we are going to buy three bags of chips over one box of cereal. It’s all about value for the dollar. However, with lottery money, the ability to eat healthier is an excellent way to improve your overall health both physically and mentally. Fresher fruits and vegetables, higher quality cheeses and meats, the ability to prepare more nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, all contribute to a healthier immune system and general overall improvement in health. No more empty calories from less healthier and sometimes totally junk food products.

Relaxation is Key

You will also be able to afford relaxation activities such as spas, vacations, yoga, meditation, golf, travel, the gym, and a myriad of other things that can reduce your stress levels and bring you into a more calming and healthy state of being.

Don’t make the transition to a healthier lifestyle an immediate thing. This could be a shock to your mind and body which could result in a decrease in your health due to the shock to your system. Make the transition slowly and gently. Let your mind and body get used to subtle changes before you move on to the next change. Let the first change become a habit, then introduce the second change. Let that become a habit, and slowly make another change If you go into a more healthier lifestyle slowly like this, both your mind and body will be able to accept the change and make it part of your being before going on to the next one.

Money can buy happiness. When you are healthy and active, you are happy. If money buys that for you, then that’s a good thing.

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