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Win the Lottery, Retire for Life
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    William Monroe
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Can you retire for life on a lottery win?

Winning millions on the lottery is fantastic. You can buy the big mansion, flashy car, and all the newest electronic toys. And a lot of big lottery winners do that. But before you do that, take the time to realize that instead of spending your millions on stuff, you could actually use your win to retire for life.

Set for life!

That’s right. If you win millions on the lottery you can retire for life if you plan it right. To do that, you need access the services of an independent financial advisor, or one at your current bank or financial institution. Make an appointment to meet and discuss your retirement plans to get a better idea if retirement is something that is feasible.

For example, the financial planner is going to measure the amount of money you’ve won verses your current lifestyle including all assets and debts. If you stay with your current lifestyle, you may be able to retire and have the interest from the winning amount become your yearly income so you never have to work again. Or you may need a part-time job to able to do that. Another example is if you win very large jackpot, you might be able to not only retire but to upgrade your lifestyle quite a bit.

You might be able to pay off all the bills and debts you have and become completely debt-free. This would free up the remaining money to provide interest income that might be double or triple your current yearly salary or wages.

Of course some winners won’t want to retire and others will want to start up their own business. And retirement does not have to be boring at all. Not having to work means all your time is now your own and you can do whatever you want. You could now devote more time to a hobby or interest. You could spend more time at the gym, playing golf, or taking up tennis. Love to read? Now you have lots of time to enjoy good books.

Hop on a car, train, or ship and travel around your area, country, or the world. Visit new and exciting restaurants and try some new foods, or just hit your local steakhouse and go crazy. Visit museums and amusement parks. Take your family on camping trips. With retirement from winning the lottery, you are no longer tied down to a routine and boring job, or life.

Winning the lottery and retiring from working is a dream many lottery players have. So when you win the lottery, find out if retirement is feasible for you and once you no longer have to work, enjoy every single day that is now your own to do with as you like. It really is nice to wake up every morning and say to yourself, “What do I want to do today” rather than, “What do I have to do today.”

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