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Who’s in Charge of the Lottery
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    William Monroe
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We take a look at the people behind the lottery today

State and provincial lotteries are an extremely popular way to gamble in the hopes of winning huge prizes. We actually play the lottery literally without thinking about it. In fact for some of us, purchasing tickets is just as automatic as getting groceries. We don't give lottery purchases a second thought until we actually check our tickets. And although most of us are aware that lotteries are run by state and provincial governments, it can be quite confusing as to who is actually in charge of the actual lottery. Both the lottery operator and the lottery regulator have their own specific responsibilities in the operation of lotteries and the draws.

Lottery Operators

As far as the Operator is concerned, they are the entity that actually creates, develops, and runs the lottery. The Operator does all of the market research to see what colours, sounds, shapes, and fonts are attractive to a certain demographic of player. Using this information, they try to come up with different types of regular and scratch lottery themes that they feel will attract new players and keep current players interested in continuing to play the lottery. They create all the advertising for radio and television spots, all the promotional and marketing material for billboards and things like brochures that can be obtained at lottery retailers, and of course an extensive targeted advertising campaign.

Operators also work to obtain and support retailers who will sell and verify the tickets in places such as malls, convenience and grocery stores, and gas stations. They also decide on prize payouts determining what value each prize is going to be and how many numbers will be needed to be matched to win that prize. They decide on the dates and times for the draws and where and when to post results.

Lottery Regulator

The Regulator is the state or provincial entity that oversees every aspect of the lottery. They create and enforce all the rules and regulations that the Operator must legally follow to be able to create, develop, and run the lotteries. The Regulator controls all the advertising that the Operator is allowed to not only create, but to market as well, including what and what cannot be shown in an ad, and who and who cannot be shown in an ad including prohibiting any advertising or media featuring or targeting minors.

They tell the operator how the lotteries have to be constructed and run to maintain honesty. Integrity, and transparency of each game and each draw. They control where and from who lottery products and services can be purchased and where and how lottery equipped has to be stored.

They also control much of the Operator’s accounting, auditing, and reporting activities and requirements. The Regulator can do a spot check or audit without warning to ensure the Operator is conducting the lottery according to the Regulator’s mandate.

Upon examination, it is clear that as long as rules and regulations are followed, ultimately, the Operator is the one who is in charge of lottery. They run it, they sell the tickets, they take in all the money, and they pay out all the winnings. And for being in charge of the lottery, they provide us with millions of dollars in potential wins.

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