When you Win the Lottery, Silence is Golden

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When you Win the Lottery, Silence is Golden
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    William Monroe
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One of the major mistakes some winners make who have won millions of dollars on the lottery is to broadcast that fact for everyone to know. They may jump on social media and tell all their friends. They may call up family members and tell them the good news. They want everyone to know that they won the lottery jackpot and their ship has finally come in.Being a millionaire can be fantastic. But most millionaires don’t broadcast that fact, And being a quite millionaire is the secret to remaining a millionaire.

Don't Flash the Cash

When you win the lottery, being a quiet millionaire is the best thing you can do. In a lot of cases the rich go by unnoticed by not wearing flashy clothes, living in a modest house in a modest neighbourhood, and driving mid-size cars, not Rolls Royces or Lamborghinis. Quiet millionaires understand that the financial freedom the money gives them is more important than appearing wealthy.

Quite millionaires are the people who go into a store to buy a high-end product or service and are judged by the staff to be either riffraff or someone who is completely out of their element. They may not receive the same kind of service a rich-looking person would. They may be looked down upon, receive subtle sarcastic comments, or even asked to leave the store, even though they could buy the store five times over.

Looking like a millionaire is called being the loud kind of rich and unfortunately a lot of lottery millionaires fall into that category. Flaunting your wealth can make others instantly dislike you due to your, “I’m better than you” tone. Most quiet millionaires never flaunt their wealth and some don’t even live the wealthy lifestyle. They may drive older cars, wear ratty t-shirts, or shop at discount stores. They are not loud millionaires but quiet millionaires. They have no need to tell anyone that they are rich.

Winning a lot of money on a lottery can turn some really nice decent people into loud and obnoxious millionaires. Flaunting your good fortune to friends, family, and strangers just invites hatred and envy. Money doesn’t talk much anymore in today’s society. Just because you won tens of millions on the lottery and declare to someone that you a rich person with lots of money is not gong to get you to the front of the line, in the door, or special treatment over other people. In fact, flaunting your money can turn you into a pariah that other people want nothing to do with.

It is so much better to leave a one hundred dollar tip for a server without their knowledge than to say “yeah, you gave me great service, I’m really rich and here, here’s a hundred bucks as a tip cause you really did a good job and you look like you could use the money.” The second action might get your hundred dollar bill thrown back into your face.

Being a quiet millionaire after you win the lottery has so many advantages for both you and others that being a loud millionaire will never get you. So remember that when you win the lottery jackpot, silence is golden.

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