What Would Your Favourite Celebrity Buy with a Lottery Win?

They may already have stacks of cash, but what would celebrities spend a lottery win on?
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    Shaun Greer
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There’s really just one thing that can possibly level the playing field between rich and poor. It’s playing the lottery.

In fact, most people can play and win the lottery, no matter how much money they already have or where they come from.

Even celebrities buy their lottery tickets in a chance to boost their already-bulging bankrolls.

Have Famous People Won the Lottery?

While there’s not a lot of public information out there about celebrities winning monumental jackpots, we know that there are celebrities who have had windfalls.

There is one celebrity who has won big when she bought 100 Powerball tickets in Italy. She’s none other than the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Madonna scooped second prize and choose to donate her winnings to charity and build schools in Malawi.

So, this got us thinking – what would other celebrities buy if they won the lottery tomorrow?

Let’s speculate.

George Clooney

There’s no denying that heart throb George Clooney would not need to spend his winnings on anything to do with personal trainers or coffee machines, but what would he spend his money on?

We know that George likes to dabble with luck, having once bought 1,000 lottery tickets. We’d like to think he’d donate most of his windfall to a country hit by disaster before taking Amal and the twins shopping for a private island or two.

Stephen Colbert

The TV comedian is also known to buy lottery tickets on a regular basis. And, we know what he’d spend his millions on – yoghurt. He’s said as much in previous reports!

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is one of the wealthiest people in the world of show business, but as his fortune’s grown over the years, so has his thirst for more, with the celebrity having admitted to still playing the lottery. While an extra million or two probably won’t change his life much, it does mean he’ll have some cash to spare.

Our guess is that he needs it for another wardrobe full of high pants and white shirts? Or, maybe he just doesn’t have enough luxury cars and mansions for his liking.

Hillary Clinton

Even presidential candidates like to play the lottery. But, what would Hillary do with a win? Pour it all back into a new campaign, perhaps? Or maybe it’s time to buy herself a cabin in the woods with some serious privacy measures.

50 Cent

The US rapper rose to global fame off a list of hit records at the turn of the millennium but had to file for bankruptcy a few years ago. Earlier this year, the rap superstar came incredibly close to winning the Powerball lottery’s $900-million jackpot that would’ve no doubt thrown him a major lifeline. The superstar had matched just three out of five regular numbers.

What would he have spent the money on after paying off his debts? We think it’d be one mega party, rap-star style.

Darth Vader

The original Star Wars dark lord rules with aggression and fear, but we think he just needs cheering up. A lottery win could go a long way to paying off anger management classes for Vader to help him with his hatred towards the Jedi and the Rebels. Maybe he’d even get a paternity test for Luke, proving once and for all that he really is Luke’s father.

Bella Swan

Oh, Bella. Hanging out with sparkly vampires, turning into a human-vampire hybrid herself and dealing with all sorts of psychic powers. This girl needs a lottery win. She could ditch Edward and pay for one of those exclusive match-making agencies where she’d stand a better chance of finding a guy who would take her out for lobster and martinis rather than, well, necks and blood.


With a lottery win, there’s no doubt the “Merc with a Mouth” would splash his cash on plastic surgery to fix up his disfigurement before investing in a lifetime supply of chimichangas.

It’s the Ultimate Game of Chance

So, celebrities play the lottery, too. Maybe they’re just tired of the ease at which their wealth is earned. Or maybe they like the belly flutter of playing the ultimate game of chance?

Whatever the reason – fictional or not – it just goes to show, we could all do with some spare cash now and then!

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