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What Types of Gaming do Lottery Operators Provide
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    William Monroe
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It's not all about lottery tickets

We usually associate lottery operators with running the good old draw types of lotteries. But lottery operators also have their hand in other types of gaming as well. A lottery operator usually runs, or oversees a number of gaming avenues, to increase revenue and draw in more players. By providing multiple ways for people to gamble, they can keep their income stream steady and high which directly helps out the charities that benefit from lottery revenues. Here are some of the other types of gaming that lottery operators may offer:

  • Scratch Tickets – Along with lottery draw tickets, operators also have retailers sell scratch tickets. This “instant win” type of lottery game is very popular and has a player base all on its own. These games can be played anywhere at any time. All a player has to do is scratch off coated symbols, numbers, or letters and match whatever the ticket shows to win the corresponding prize. The idea behind the concept of scratch tickets is that the player scratches only one square at a time to reveal the symbol, number, or letter hidden underneath which stretches out the time it takes to play the entire ticket and provides an “anticipation” excitement as each square is revealed.
  • Licensing of Charity Gaming and Events – There are many charities, festivals, carnivals, and fairs that hold their own types of lotteries or draws, or other types of games of chance, to promote their good work and raise money for its activities. For this to happen legally, the charity must be licensed by the agency who is responsible for issuing permission for the charity to run the lottery. Sometimes this is the State or Provincial lottery operator, or it may be the State or Provincial gaming Regulator. Without the licence, the charity would be operating illegally and would be subject to heavy fines or imprisonment for some of the management personnel.
  • Casinos – In some jurisdictions a lottery operator may also operate or oversee some aspects of one or more casinos. This includes not only running the table games and slot machines, but also includes redemption of tokens or tickets, managing the players club memberships, and issuing comps to players. Casinos may also offer an area for players to buy lottery tickets as well, making the casino a real one-stop gaming establishment.
  • Bingo – Some Operators may also run neighbourhood bingo halls to cater to a totally different type of player who prefers a longer game time and greater anticipation-excitement type of play. They might also run Bingo parlours in their casinos as well. Bingo being a very old type of gaming is popular with older players who may not want to play the lottery or visit a casino. It is a familiar and comfortable gambling activity that many players consider to be more of a night out and social event than simply playing a game of chance.

So other than the traditional lottery draws, there are many other gambling activities that players can indulge in to get their gambling excitement. Whatever your game of choice is, your Lottery Operator either runs it themselves or licences another entity to run it, so there is no lack of fun excitement for you to find.

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