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What Makes a Lottery Game Popular
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    William Monroe
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some different lottery games and what makes them popular

The lottery games people like to play are as varied as the types of people who purchase tickets for them. And everybody seems to have their own favourite game that they play regularly. Some like the prize amounts, some enjoy the prize structure, and others may just like the theme of the game.

Types of Players

There are as many types of popular lottery games as there are players. But most players can be categorized in their choice of game but looking at what attracts them to a particular lottery game. Below are some of the types of players and a look at what puts them into that category.

  • The Jackpot Player

The Jackpot Player is the type of person who plays a lottery based upon the size of the top jackpot award. For games with static jackpots in which the top award never changes, these players will stick to that game simply because the jackpot is very high and is always the same. The other type of Jackpot Player is one who will bounce around from game to game, only playing the game with the highest current jackpot, which are usually progressive jackpot games. They will move among the progressive games, looking for the highest jackpot available for the next immediate draw date. They don’t both with other top awards at all.

  • The Theme Player

The Theme Player is a person who loves a lottery because they like the overall theme or it simply “talks” to them emotionally. Some like the cash for life style lotteries for the prolonged payout period these provide. Others like regional or provincial/state lotteries. Some players love to play themed games that come out around holidays. The prize structure or amount of the top prize is irrelevant. It’s the theme that keeps them playing.

  • The Odds Player

This lottery player is all about the best odds to win a prize, or best long-shot odds to win the jackpot. Some like to play best odds to win lotteries that provide odds of winning a low prize are under five to one. Playing this type of lottery may get them luck every now and then to win a small prize. The amount isn’t important. The odds of winning are. Those players who like to play games with terrible odds are those who feel a challenge. So what if the odds of winning the jackpot are twenty million to one? They will buy tickets for it exclusively because if they win then they have “beaten the odds” and gives them a rush and feeling of superiority to boast about for years to come.

  • The Multi Player

The Multi Player plays every game for every draw in the hopes of winning something from one or more lottery games. By buying tickets for every game available for every draw, they feel they have spread their odds across the entire lottery game draws and are sure to win at least a free ticket. Their motto is not to place all the eggs in one basket.

  • The Frequent Player

These players play one or more games that are drawn two or more times a week. For them, it is about playing the maximum amount of draws for a lottery game believing that playing a game that has draws two or more times a week may increase their own odd of winning a big prize.

Beating the Odds

The way each of us plays, whether like the players above or just on a whim, has no effect on the odds of winning on any game. The odds remain the same for each draw and only the gaming operator is able to increase or decrease the odds. So play the lottery however you wish. Odds are you won’t even win a free ticket. But also realize that many people do win prizes, including top jackpots. Every time you win on the lottery, you have beaten the odds.

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