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Weird and Strange Lotteries
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    William Monroe
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Weird and strange lottery draws throughout the history of the world

The high revenue from lottery games gives quite an indication that many people love playing. From way back in the ancient world to today’s modern digital world, lotteries have been used as a means of raising funds and rewarding citizens, and generating huge excitement and anticipation. While most lotteries follow a typical structure, such as buying a ticket and winning a prize, there have been instances of vary strange, unusual and bizarre lotteries that stand out as really weird twists on the traditional concept of what a lottery is. Here are just some of the more strange ones that stand out.

The weirdest lotteries in history

• The Marriage Lottery of Ancient Rome

Yes, back in ancient Rome, the concept of love and marriage took an intriguing turn with the introduction of the “Marriage Lottery”. During the festival of Lupercalia (which was a pastoral festival of Ancient Rome observed annually on February 15th to purify the city, promoting health and fertility,) young men and women would gather round and the names of potential matches would be drawn from a “lottery box.” The couples, paired up by random chance, would then remain paired, or otherwise “married” for the duration of the festival, which often led to many unexpected unions and lots of entertaining consequences. This quirky tradition really blurred the lines between romance and randomness, making it one of the oddest lotteries in history.

• The Struwwelpeter Lottery

In the 19th century, the German physician Heinrich Hoffmann created a peculiar lottery to promote his book "Der Struwwelpeter," a children's book that comprises ten illustrated and rhymed stories, each with a cautionary tale and a clear moral lesson. Participants would purchase a blind ticket that corresponded to one of the book's morbid cautionary tales, such as children being eaten by giant scissors or succumbing to various misfortunes. The winners were those whose stories did not end tragically, and they received prizes as rewards. The Struwwelpeter Lottery combined dark humour with macabre storytelling, making it a truly bizarre cultural phenomenon.

• The Yamanashi Koshu Lottery in Japan

Japan is known for its interesting and unique cultural practices, and the Yamanashi Koshu Lottery is no exception. This lottery involves participants buying tickets and attaching them to bunches of grapes growing in a local vineyard. When the grapes are ready to be harvested, the lottery is held and the lottery winners are determined by the numbered tickets on the grape bunches. Winners get to also take home these “lucky” grapes, which are often highly prized for their novelty and considered a symbol of good fortune. This peculiar combination of agriculture and chance has gained attention from both locals and tourists alike.

• The Dream of a Lifetime Lottery

Canada is a country that runs many standard lotteries, but the Dream of a Lifetime lottery does not payout in cash. This lottery lets winners fulfill their wildest dreams. Players can purchase tickets for the opportunity to win unique experiences such as a vacation on a private island, a brand new luxury car, and even custom-built dream homes exactly as the winner dictates. This lottery taps into peoples’ desires for extraordinary experiences, making it stand out as one of the most intriguing and unusual lotteries to date.

• The Fat Cat Millionaire Lottery

Yep, another weird lottery from Canada, the Fat Cat Millionaire lottery, that lets players not only win cash prizes, but also support animal shelters and rescue organizations. If you love cats and cash, this lottery is for you. And the best part? Winners also receive the title of "Fat Cat Millionaire" alongside their monetary reward. This playful little lottery highlights the connection between charity, luck, and the love for our furry friends.

• The Cryonics Lottery

Oh this is such a good one! This lottery is for those with deep, dark humour and an intrigue into the bizarre and gruesome. The Cryonics Lottery offers a chance at after-death resurrection through cryogenic preservation. Yes, you pay an entry fee for the opportunity to have your remains preserved in the hope of future revival when medical technology advances. While the scientific feasibility and ethical implications of cryonics remain debated, this lottery adds a surreal dimension to the pursuit of eternal life.

Lotteries have a long history of captivating the human desires, but some stand out for their sheer strangeness and uniqueness. From the ancient Marriage Lottery of Rome to the modern Cryonics Lottery, these unconventional games of chance have offered players a glimpse into the unusual and extraordinary. While some of these lotteries have faded into obscurity, they serve as reminders of the inventive and often eccentric ways that societies have harnessed the power of luck and randomness throughout history.

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