Using your Winnings to Take Care of your Kids

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Using your Winnings to Take Care of your Kids
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    William Monroe
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How to create security for your family using your lottery win

When you win the lottery, there are more important issues to be concerned with before you buy that new car or house. If you have children, you will need to put them first and ensure that their futures are secured and hopefully financially stress-free. Although your lottery winnings will benefit the entire family, you must pay particular attention to your kids.

Education is Key!

Your first job is to make sure that their education is taken care of. Along with current schooling, you can add private tutoring or switch over to private schooling. Than you also have to look at future educational needs. If they want to go to college or university, the money should be there for them to do so. Also, if your child is Autistic, disabled, or otherwise held back by some physical or mental condition, you need to ensure continued care into the future.

However, don’t neglect their current fun and happiness. Now that you have this money, treat your kids to experiential family activities. These are activities that the whole family can participate in and peak the interest and curiosity of your child. Ask them what really interests them, or if they want to fnd out about something that has always intrigued them.

For instance, if your child has a fascination with animals, then buy everyone in the family good quality binoculars, and head out into the wilderness for some birdwatching or animal spotting. Make it an educational experience as well. Get them to note things about the surroundings and any animals they spot. Get them to make notes in a notebook or on their phone. Answer any questions as best as you can, and encourage them to seek more information at home via the Internet on animals that they really found interesting on the trip.

Honing their Interests

Or, you may have a child that is really into horror novels and comics, see in what manner their interest may fall. You can buy them books on writing in general and writing horror in particular if they seem to transition to that end. Some children are very visually oriented and may want to get into creating horror comics or graphic novels. This would be a good opportunity to buy them some drawing material and papers and see what they can come up with. And if they love horror movies like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and so forth, or have an interest in vampires, zombies, and werewolves, find copies of the old classic horror films such as Frankenstein, Dracula, The Werewolf, and The Mummy. Sit and watch these films with your child, explaining what makeup, special effects, and acting go together to create the story, so they can comprehend it is not a real monster or real blood and gore, but everything that goes into simulating those things to make a movie. Get them to compare these old films with newer horror films, such as similarities and differences, and how, if your child was to make the movie, what they would have done differently. This is a good way to see if your child has leanings toward the entertainment industry, and if so, you can spend some money on acting or filmmaking courses, or types of special effects classes depending where their interest lies.

Whatever they get interested in, make sure you get the tools that they need to pursue their interests and the money for future education to develop their creativity into a career that works for them. A new car or new house is certainly something that a lot of people buy when they hit the lottery jackpot. But these are just possessions. Concentrate on your kids current and future interests. They are best investment and precious commodities you will every have.

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