Using Magick to Help you Win the Lottery

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Using Magick to Help you Win the Lottery
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    William Monroe
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Could you call in the universe to help you win the lottery?

Although random chance is the way in which lottery numbers are chosen during each draw and allow players to win prizes, some players think there might be a way of influencing the results more towards their favour? And it nothing to due with lottery gimmicks, tricks, or even cheating. Those players swear that the power of magick and spells help them get an edge on hitting winning lottery number combinations.

So what is magick anyway? Magick, a process that uses a K after the C to differentiate it from stage magic or illusion magic, purports to use the power of the universe and nature, the “natural forces”, to bring about positive changes to one’s life by directing energy according to one’s will to accomplish their desired goals.

Magick itself is purely neutral, and is neither good, nor evil. The intent and purpose of the results of using magick is dictated by the user. Evil uses of magick usually backfire on the user and cause more negative effects than what one is trying to alleviate. Good uses of magick usually result in positive results, although the results could be quite miniscule.

Using Magick to help you win!

There are several types of magick that can be used to increase your luck.

• Divination Magick is a way of determining the numbers to play on the lottery that may be pulled on the next draw. Pendulums are one of the simplest and easiest forms of divination. All you need to do is ask a YES or NO question and the pendulum will swing, giving you the answer; toward you and away from you for YES or side to side for NO. For instance, for lottery numbers, you can ask a question like, “Will the number 1 be selected on the next draw. If the pendulum swings towards you and away from you the answer is YES. You would then select 1 as a number you will use for the next draw. If it swings from side to side, the answer is NO and you ignore that number. You doing that for each number until you get the amount of numbers you need to play the ticket.

• Candle magick uses the burning of an entire tapered candle to manifest your desired into a positive outcome. The most potent of candle colours for money and luck is green Simply get a small tapered green candle and light it. As it burns, concentrate on it sending you all the luck on the universe for you to win the jackpot on the lottery. Keep this thought in mind as the candle completely burns out.

• One of the more simpler methods of using magick to win on the lottery is to write down what you want (“I want to win the top jackpot on this week’s lottery”) on a piece of paper, concentrate on that thought while you light the paper on fire, and keep thinking about that desire until the paper completely burns away.

• Kitchen Magick uses cooking and ingredients to induce the chef’s desires into the food and therefore release that magick into the eater’s body and spirit. Some of the magickal ingredients to use to boost your luck, money, prosperity, and good fortune include corn, dill, figs, nutmeg, peas, peanuts and peanut butter, rice, and wheat. When cooking and eating with these foods, concentrate on the desire to win the lottery and focus your cooking and eating on the magickal abilities of the ingredients.

Magick is just not for the spiritual or nature-led psyche to use, but also for the ordinary person who wants to achieve an outcome in their life that benefits them. And using magick to try to win the jackpot is doing just that.

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