Using an RNG Program to Pick your Lottery Numbers

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Using an RNG Program to Pick your Lottery Numbers
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    William Monroe
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All about random number generators

Random Number Generators

A lot of lottery operators use an electronic RNG, or a Random Number Generator, usually done via a computer, to select the numbers drawn for each game, instead of balls bouncing around in a big bowl. An RNG program produces a series of randomly generated numbers that, when put into numerical sequence, are the numbers that are required to be matched by a player’s ticket to win a prize. In fact, a lot of lottery operators are dropping the use of a blower and balls for lottery draws and using RNG equipment instead. RNG use is faster, results can be verified and recorded, and an electronic report can be generated when providing info to the gaming commission, RNG devices used by lottery operators are subject to many strict gaming commission regulations before they can be approved for use. Some of these include the results having to be statistically independent of each other, and all numbers within the required range have to have an equal chance of being generated. Results have to be unpredictable and have to pass many recognized statistical tests. The RNG must be able to generate all possible game outcomes, both winning and non-winning combinations.

The RNG must only generate the numbers that correspond with the particular game that is being played, For instance, for a 6/49 type game, the RNG must only produce six random numbers between the range of 1 to 49, nothing more, nothing less, plus one bonus number. Any results outside of this are null and void and may place the RNG program under investigation.

No detectable patterns of number generation, nor any correlation with any other previous RNG outputs are allowed. The results must never be dependent on the amount wagered or the style or method of play. There must be no way to discern the outcome or possible outcomes of any one draw. RNG software has to be as true and random as possible, and this randomness is subject to testing and verification by the regulator at any time.

Should you use a Random Number Generator?

So if you want to simulate the way lottery draw results are obtained with an RNG, you are able to do so on your computer, tablet, or phone. All you have to do is search your operating system’s store under RNG or Random Number Generator, and you will be given a list of programs or apps, both on and offline, that will produce random numbers for you. Some can even set up parameters so you generate only the numbers you need to match a 6/49 or 7/50 draw.

Of course these RNG’s will not be as accurate as the ones used to draw lottery numbers, but they will generate numbers for you if you want to pick your numbers in a fun and new way. Give it a try and see what numbers you come up with. They just might be the winning sequence for that $50 million dollar prize.

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