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Some lottery facts and interesting stories about winners

Although there are many myths out there about the lottery, there are also many facts about the lottery that are true, interesting and amusing. For instance, did you know that statistically, the average lottery winner ends up owning 4.5 cars? Some obviously own more and some own less. It depends on the winner of course, but some buy a luxury car for daily driving and errands, an SUV for family outings, a pickup truck for hauling anything from home improvement material to garage sale items, to an RV for vacations. Possibly the other half-car is a small electric one for short trips?

Fascinating Facts!

Do most lottery players spend more on lottery tickets than they do for all other types of entertainment combined? They sure do. For example, statistical information for 2014 shows that over $70 billion dollars was spent just on lottery tickets alone. On the other hand, the combined amount for money spent on movie tickets, video games, books, and music, only amounted, together, to $63 billion dollars. The lottery seems to provide more entertainment value dollar per dollar to most people.

Another odd fact is that the number 38 seems to be the number that comes up in lottery draws the most often on average. Why this happens is unknown, but just because it does, does not mean you have to select the number 38 for every ticket you buy for all the lotteries. This is just a statistical anomaly. Every number in a lottery game either selected by balls or by random number generator, has the same exact chance of being pulled or generated. Maybe the number 38 is a universal number that nature and the heavens have conspired to appear more often than not.

There are many instances of people tipping food industry servers for either helping them select their winning ticket numbers or tipping with a lottery ticket that turns out to be a winner. You would think that these people would want to keep their winnings for themselves or want their “winnings” back. None do. They are honest people who reward or share with service workers their good fortune.

Odd Lottery Facts

There are many jurisdictions around the world where lotteries are not offered at all. As an example, in the United States, in the state of Nevada, the lottery is actually against the law. In this state, the regulator and operators don’t want any competition from lotteries that would bite into the gaming revenue.

Sometimes being dead can really be the thing that happens to you in regards to winning the lottery. A while back in Australia, a guy named Bill Morgan was in a horrible car crash and suffered a heart attack and fell into a coma. He subsequently declared dead for fourteen minutes. Miraculously, he came back to life, out of the coma, and suffered no ill effects. In order to celebrate his coming back to life, he bought a scratch ticket and won a $27,000 car! It made the news and a reporter asked him to re-enact the moment he scratched the ticket and realized he had won a car too capture it on camera. He bought another scratch ticket and scratched it off, and won a $250,000 jackpot in it. A true fact about the lottery. In this case for this man, death was his lucky fortune.

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