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4 tips to playing Powerball responsibly
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    Shaun Greer
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Four tips for playing the Powerball responsibly!

Playing any lottery can be a lot of fun and anticipation. But you should always play responsibly. When you do so, it means you have control over your spending, and you never play with more than you can afford to lose.

If you’re trying to cut back on your spending, new to playing the lottery, or just need a few tips to keep things safe, here are four tips to help you.

  1. Always Know Your Limits

Playing Powerball, or any lottery for that matter can take up a lot of your resources. That’s why you should set limits to keep you from landing up out of pocket and regretting your playing choices. What’s more, the temptations of playing the lottery are so exciting, that it’s easy to forget about a budget. It’s never worth dipping into your nest-egg or playing more than you can afford to.

If you love playing Powerball, account for it when you plan your budget. Set aside a reasonable amount that will fund your gaming. It makes it easier not to touch the money you put aside for daily expenses.

  1. Don’t Borrow Money to Play Powerball

Powerball jackpots tend to soar to such exorbitant amounts, that even people who can’t afford to play like to try their luck with a few lines. But borrowing funds for anything other than living expenses is never wise and can lead to a whole host of problems. You should only invest in Powerball if you can afford to.

If you can’t afford to buy a ticket without digging into your savings or borrowing a few dollars, don’t play. After all, there is no guarantee that you will see a return on your investment when you play the lottery.

  1. Keep Your Expectations Real

We all fancy our chances of winning a big jackpot, but it’s better to have realistic expectations. When your losses start getting frustrating, it might be time to take a break from playing. No matter how big the Powerball jackpot might be, it can take a toll on you both mentally and emotionally when too many losses roll your way. What’s more, extreme moods can affect your logic, resulting in you playing more than you can afford.

To keep things real, play the Powerball lottery as a hobby. That way, it is easier to break away from when those losses become frustrating. Never resort to playing the lottery as a way of solving your problems. With the right attitude and realistic expectations, you are in a better frame of mind to play responsibly.

  1. Look After Your Tickets At All Costs

So many winning Powerball tickets go unclaimed every year. Some winners don’t turn up for months, while others never turn up. Powerball winning tickets are valid for up to 180 days from the date of the draw. The minute you get your ticket, guard it like gold!

Keep your ticket in the same place, somewhere safe, every time you play. Then, remember to watch out for the draw for which your tickets are valid. Check the draw dates and winning numbers against your tickets.

As soon as you purchase your Powerball tickets, write your name and address on the back of your tickets, in the space provided, just in case you do lose or drop your ticket. By doing this, the retailer will be able to identify you as the rightful ticket owner when you win, and if someone by chance picks up your ticket, they won’t be able to claim your winnings.

Always Play Responsibly

With these four tips in mind, you can make sure you never play with more than you can afford to lose, and still have fun playing Powerball!

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