The Top 3 Lottery Myths of All Time

Unearthing the truth behind the lottery tales
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The Top 3 Lottery Myths of All Time
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    William Monroe
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Although there are many myths about the lottery, there are three that seem to keep coming up on a regular basis whenever the conversation rolls around to the lottery. Let’s take a look at the myths, and then the truth behind each one.

The lottery is a tax

The belief here is that the lottery is simply another form of taxation. For the government, it is a way of generating extra revenue from people’s income, just like income tax.

And in that thought is the belief that the government is actually double-taxing lottery players. Since you have already paid tax on your earnings, by buying a lottery ticket you are paying more tax on the money you have already paid tax on.

But in reality, the lottery is not a tax whatsoever.

A tax is a mandatory demand or requirement of a percentage of money due on top of the initial income or payment. Taxes are mandatory and compulsory, whereas the lottery is one hundred percent voluntary. Nobody is being forced to purchase a lottery ticket, and the purchase of a ticket is done through personal preference, free will, and without any legal obligation to do so.

The lottery is in fact actually a fund-raising venture that generates income for the government so it can disperse it to agencies and organizations that help provide services to members of the community.

Originally, the funds would not be available if left to simple donations. By providing the opportunity of winning large amounts of money for the voluntary purchase of a ticket, those less fortunate can be helped by the money that those purchases produce.

You will eventually win if you keep playing the same numbers.

This myth is partially based on the probability of flipping a coin.

Let’s say if you flip a coin a couple of times, you get heads both times. But if you flip it one hundred times you are bound to get a tails at some point. That’s the probability of it. But it could happen that when you flip that coin, all you got was all heads. Not very probable, but certainly possible.

Every lottery number has an equal chance of being pulled and the probability does exist that your number combination is bound to come up at some point.

But that could be the next draw or a thousand years from now. Playing the same numbers for every draw does not increase your chances of winning nor guarantee that your number combination will come up within your lifetime.

Whether you play the same numbers every draw or different numbers for each draw, every number has an equal chance of being pulled.

However, there is some comfort, familiarity, and fun in playing the same numbers every draw. Whether they are birthdays, special event days, important or lucky family numbers, playing them in the lottery can be a lot of fun.

It is impossible to win more than one jackpot or large prize

As the odds of winning any prize, even a free ticket, are very low, the chances of winning a large or jackpot amount are therefore very remote. And of course winning more than one prize is even more unlikely. So many players feel that once you win a large prize or jackpot you will not ever win another one.

You had your lucky moment. Revel in it and move on.

However, due to the randomness of choosing lottery numbers, it is possible, though not very probable, that a player could win more than one jackpot or large prize, either in the same draw or in draws months or years apart. And it has happened.

These wins were investigated, scrutinized, put under the magnifying glass, and pulled apart from end to end. They were honest and legitimate wins. The player was simply “lucky.”

What luck is we really don’t know. Being in the right spot at the right time? Attraction of fortune and riches? Gifts from the Gods or the universe? Who knows? But the fact remains that you can win more than one jackpot, either in a row or over time.

Don’t be pulled into the myths of the lottery. Learn the truths, play responsibly, and simply have yourself a lot of fun.

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