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The Lottery Kiosk
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    William Monroe
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The lottery kiosk and what it represents

You may have noticed a separate area or kisok stand away from the lottery terminal where you can select your lottery numbers on selection slips, check to see of your ticket is a winner, of find out what the current jackpot is. But the lottery kiosk is much more than convenient area for players to do these things. Lottery kiosks are marketing tools all on their own and contain a lot of information and influence for players.

The lottery kiosk, branding, and the visual display

At the kiosk, you will see the branding for the lottery operator in both their fonts and colour schemes. This visual display is to announce that this is the retailer to buy your tickets from. The kiosk itself is designed to provide information, convenience, and influence on the player. For instance, the current jackpot of one or several of the lotteries are shown, to tell the player what they can win on the next draw if they buy their tickets now.

There is going to be a supply of game selection paper so you can select your own lottery numbers on a slip and present it to the retailer to have your ticket generated and printed. You will see advertising for some of the games the retailer sells tickets for, and any upcoming changes or enhancements to the lottery, such as game structure changes or the announcement of new games. And somewhere on the displayed graphics will be a website and/or phone number to get in touch with a local problem gambling agency if you think you might have a gambling problem.

There will brochures for specific games that give information about the game and prizes, cost of tickets, possibly the odds of winning prizes, how to play, and other information about each game. There may also be brochures for problem gambling, special draws, and money management.
Of course, there may also be a ticket reader terminal located at the kiosk in which you can check your own tickets to see if you have won or not.

And n the world of technological advancement, there are now appearing self-service kiosks/retail combos that will allow a player to do everything in buying, checking, and redeeming tickets all by themselves without any help from a physical retailer. The self-service kiosks include “age attestation” functionality to prevent minors from playing the lottery, and also display responsible gambling messages.

Self-service lottery retail locations are designed to deliver safe, secure, and convenient lottery ticket services to players. The ultimate goal is to provide a fast and convenient way for customers to purchase physical lottery tickets, and hopefully at the same time to increase lottery ticket sales and therefore lottery revenue.

The lottery kiosk is slowly changing from a “shelf” to select ticket numbers and check tickets, into a full-fledged self-serve retail kiosk environment to offer even more convenience to lottery players. The faster a player can buy a ticket, the more tickets they might purchase. And when the lottery jackpot hits tens of millions of dollars, expect to see self-serve lottery establishment become busy with both current players and new players.

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