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In this winning Powerball story, a team of true heroes wins $1 million. Learn more about how the Heroes to Zeroooos Lottery Club became Powerball winners.

There are some pretty inspirational Powerball winner stories out there involving deserving folks who got lucky with a winning ticket. But this story might even warm your heart more. A group of co-workers who routinely pitch in to play Powerball got lucky to the tune of $1 million. They call themselves the Heroes to Zeroooos Lottery Club. And they’re all healthcare working professionals. Here’s their story.

The Heroes to Zeroooos Lottery Club of Traverse City, Michigan

There is a group of 78 different doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers in Traverse City, Michigan. The group came together years ago to form the Heroes to Zeroooos Lottery Club. They named Bernard Bossert, Jr. as their group representative, and his job was to collect everyone’s cash to buy Powerball tickets. Bossert Jr. said there are roughly 65 individuals who play religiously, while anyone can “throw in money” whenever they like. He created a Facebook page to keep the group updated, post for those who contributed each week and share the winning numbers the day after the drawing. And while the group had fun playing, things were about to take a turn – a $1 million turn.

The Winning Powerball Ticket

Bernard Bossert, Jr. did as he always had that October week. He collected everyone’s money, posted in the Facebook group, and headed out to his local CVS pharmacy in Traverse City to purchase Powerball tickets. The next morning, Bossert Jr. checked his numbers against the winning numbers drawn the night before. And to his surprise, his Heroes to Zeroooos Lottery Club managed to match five white balls, netting the group the $1 million prize.

Bossert Jr. didn’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, though. Instead, he posted to the Facebook group that he would share a “special announcement” with the club later in the day. A few hours later, he posted an article to the group that said, “a $1 million Powerball ticket had been sold in Traverse City.” Club members frantically began reaching out, asking if it was their group that had won. And that’s when Bossert Jr. shared the big news.

A Nice Pre-Holiday Bonus for All

The participating members of the Heroes to Zeroooos Lottery Club assembled at Middle Coast Brewing in Traverse City, where they were presented with their Powerball checks. After taxes were taken out of the lump sum, each healthcare worker took home roughly $12,800. This was a lucky October day for all. And Bossert Jr. said it was a “nice bonus” for all of us, so close to the holidays. And when healthcare workers, who are already viewed as heroes, win Powerball, it’s just a little extra heartwarming.

Playing with Your Group Pays Off Too

This particular Powerball winner story is one of many involving groups and co-workers pooling together with big dreams. There are plenty of Powerball winners out there with similar group victories, including the group of FedEx workers who won $1 million but earned $2 million with the Power Play feature. And it might inspire you to get your co-workers together to create a weekly playing Powerball pool.

Just remember, when establishing an office or group pool of players, you’ll want to outline the rules and make sure everyone agrees to them. Should you win any amount, even smaller payouts, you’ll want to make sure everyone is on board with how you treat and divvy up those winnings. It’s best to designate a representative, like the Heroes to Zeroooos Lottery Club did, too. Have one person responsible for collecting money and buying the tickets. Communication is key, too. So, creating a social media group where everyone can stay informed is another great idea.

Get your group organized and start playing! Who knows? You could be like the Heroes to Zeroooos Lottery Club of healthcare workers and win big!

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