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You won the lottery. Now what?
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Take the Cash or Go for More
  • Author:
    William Monroe
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With most of us, our biggest dream is to finally win the top jackpot in the lottery. Years or decades of buying tickets has finally paid off and you have your bank account filled to the brim with cash. But is that the end of your lottery playing? Just because you won the jackpot doesn’t mean you can’t play again, right? In fact, you could hit jackpot after jackpot if you keep playing, or you might not win anything ever again. So, do you simply thank whoever or whatever you believe in for the great gift and take your money and walk away from lotteries forever? Or, do you keep to your normal routine of buying ten dollars’ worth of tickets each week just as you always did?

There are some who would take exception to a jackpot winner continuing to play the lottery. They might have the attitude that you already beat the odds and you got your money. Now take your money and go away and let the rest of us have a chance at winning. You don’t need more money, so why are you being so greedy? Luck decided to shine on you, not us, so quit playing the lottery and taking away our chances at living a good life too!

Looking at the “you won so give someone else a chance” viewpoint, the belief is that since you won, you should eliminate yourself from the pool so everyone else has an extra chance now at hitting the jackpot. Unfortunately, one person no longer playing is not going to affect neither the odds of winning nor the chances of any winning any prize in any way whatsoever. If someone has won the lottery, whether they keep playing or stop playing is irrelevant in the big picture. But many players think if you continue to play, you are addicted to winning the money and have to keep winning more, or that you are simply greedy as all heck and are trying to stop the rest of the players from hitting the jackpot too.

On the other hand, there are others who would say that yes, you did hit the lottery, but you beat astronomical odds in doing so, so the chances that you will do it again are close to nil. Go ahead, buy your tickets, doesn’t matter at all. And if you hit the jackpot again, good for you. The universe must think you either need it or deserve it. The other players, who don’t care, are more likely to better understand the odds and probability of hitting the jackpot one time, and the lower odds and probability of the same player hitting it, or another jackpot the second time.

Also some people just like playing the lottery, and even though they may hit the jackpot they will still keep playing, not to win more money, but for the sheer fun of the chance of winning which is what playing the lottery should be about.

Although some jackpot winners have won multiple jackpots or multiple times with smaller prizes, it truly is a rare event. There really is no real answer as there are as many players who agree that you should keep playing, as there are players who say no, it’s not right. It really comes down to your own desires and beliefs. The odds of you hitting a jackpot once are extremely low. The odds of hitting another jackpot are even lower than that. So, if you hit the jackpot and you swear off gambling, then that’s your choice. If you hitthe jackpot and continue to gamble, then that’s your choice as well. Don’t let others dictate what you will do. Whatever feels right, feels right and what you feel is the right thing to do.

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