Special Bonus Lotteries as Market Research

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Special Bonus Lotteries as Market Research
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    William Monroe
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Regular, daily and weekly lottery draws attract both loyal players and new customers. Just the promise of hitting the big one is enough for people to purchase tickets and dream of what they would do with their winnings.

But from time to time, special bonus lotteries and draws are used as market research tools to see what would draw in new players and get loyal players to purchase more tickets, by testing new prizing structures or prize amounts.

There are many ways special bonus lotteries can be created to research player interest.

Longer odds but bigger prizes

For instance, if a regular lottery is one where players pick six numbers out of a total of forty-nine, an operator may elect to have a special bonus draw in which a player would have to match seven numbers out of the forty-nine to win a much larger prize.

The odds of winning the jackpot are reduced for the player, a good thing for the operator, but a winner would get more money.

The attractiveness of the larger win for the lower odds can be used by the operator to gauge popularity.

If the bonus draw gets about the same number of ticket sales, or lower ticket sales than the regular draw, the operator then knows that the playing public is not willing to have to have to hit another number just to win a larger prize.

However, if ticket sales even marginally increase, then the operator knows that this new prizing format is successful and may introduce it as an update to the current structure, mentioning the extra number needed to win, but touting the increase in the jackpot and other prizing.

This guarantees increased revenue for the operator, which in turn means increased disbursing to charitable benefactors, and higher and/or more prizes available to be won by players.

Testing new games

Other special lottery draws are used to test newly created lottery games to see how acceptable they would be to players.

New themes and structures are created based on market research into current trends and interests of targeted lottery player demographics.

Once the game is designed, approved, and ready for play, operators aggressively advertise the special draw as a bonus draw or special event draw.

Player response and ticket sales are then monitored to see how well the new lottery is doing. One drawing isn’t enough so usually these types of bonus lotteries are done over a period such as one draw a week for four weeks.

Once enough data is obtained it is analyzed to see if the game should be put into the regular slot of daily and weekly draws, altered in some way to address negative comments by players, or scrapped altogether.

New enhancements or changes to regular draws

Other special lotteries are used to introduce new enhancements or changes to regular draws.

In this way, the operator can mitigate any negative blowback from players while they are getting used to the changes that are going to happen whether ticket sales increase or decrease.

This lets operators change lottery game parameters gradually to avoid player shock.

So next time your lottery operator has any special or bonus lotteries or draws, you may be a player that is actually participating in a market research project.

How you respond to the lottery will dictate whether the changes stay as they are, or the lottery goes back to the way it was.

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